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    If hypothetically Rob or Doug were to write a new novel, what plots/episodes would you like to see adapted?
    Would you like to see a continuation of where the last books left off, or stuff set in an alternate dimension?
    Would you like to see the two universes set up in the last two books resolved to fit one timeline?
    Do you think a new novel would do well?
    Do you think I’m asking too many questions?

    Pete Part Three
    1. Ideally all new stuff by Rob rather than anything based on S1-6. If Rob is going to write new Red Dwarf, I’d like it be “New”.
    2. Continuation to Backwards would do. That would already be an alternate dimension.
    3. No interest in seeing them try to merge the two books back together, unless they were both writing together. And that’s never happening.
    4. Yes.
    5. No.
    6. I did.
    7. Often, but not in the last few days.
    Flap Jack

    I’d like to see Snacky brought into focus in the same way Talkie Toaster was in Better Than Life.

    Then I’d like to see them find Kochanski, and for her and Snacky to fuse into one gestalt entity called Kosnackski.

    #Justice4Snacky #BringBackSnacky #HeyDougWhereTheFuckIsSnacky


    I’d like to see it pared back to the main five characters and a less populated universe again. Last Human and Backwards had their moments but both felt very busy. More exploration of the characters is still possible I think, and “moonlight” shows it can still be done well.


    Personally I’d like to see a new epic novel just set in the Dave era doing some story that’s too ambitious for tv, concludes Kochanski’s storyline or something else epic. I wouldn’t want it to get bogged down in explaining whether it’s set after Last Human or Backwards or both. Just treat BTE/SX as a fresh start and go from there.

    Jonathan Capps

    I agree with Pete. Right now the Red Dwarf I most want is a Rob Grant sequel to Backwards, with a (Relatively) status quo setting to start fresh with.


    How would people react to a Red Dwarf novel not written by Rob or Doug? Maybe Bobby would like a go.


    it would be interesting to see it become a franchise of novels like Star Trek and Wars have. Maybe hire the current handful of sci fi comedy authors that exist like Toby Frost and Gareth Powell (I haven’t actually read either of those authors, but their books look funny and slightly Dwarf ish)

    Flap Jack

    I want a Red Dwarf novel set entirely in the Mr. Rat universe.


    The usual issue with the idea of other writers is the show having a largely single voice until now, so bringing in someone else wouldn’t work for me.

    Yeah, a standalone book in a fairly ‘trad’ Dwarf style – not too many guests (ie Last Human), lots of character stuff – but doing stuff that they couldn’t afford in the show. Rob continuing it from Backwards would be great.

    Doug’s said he would maybe consider writing a novel to give the show a real ending. Which would be really odd given that he’s already done that.


    Anything that doesn’t have Kochanski for me. Why even make it linear? I mean… a new novel could take us back to the earlier times in the crews saga. I’m sure there are adventures and/or plotlines worth reading about set in the timeframe of ….oh, say…. series 2-6. I mean, we “see” the dwarfers a day/week at a time so what happens the REST of the time? Now that “The Promised Land” is out and canon maybe a closer look at the Cats and their trials and tribulations from the early years. Actually…. lol… just about anything as I would buy and read it.

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