Let’s face it – most of us knew this already, and enough hints have already been given anyway, but this month’s TV Zone has an official mention that Mike Tucker is working on the new Doctor Who series, “providing models and miniatures” (as part of the BBC Model Unit); he worked extensively on Dwarf doing precisely the same thing, of course. And the results speak for themselves; the model work on Series 1 still looks great today, despite what some UTTER CUNTS might think. Anyway, no doubt he’ll be working with Peter Tyler, Nick Kool and Alan ‘Rocky – AND I DESIGNED STARBUG’ Marshall.

You can read more about the new Who series on the Outpost Gallifrey New Series News Page. Beware of spoilers; like you lot care. I’m pretty fucking excited about this; not only should the new Who series be fantastic in itself, but it might just open up the BBC to SF again…

Just a quick personal note: I’m really busy at the moment as I’ve just moved down to Devon to live with my bitch of a bitch. And no, sex is not the main thing taking up my time. I’ll try and keep the site updated as best as I can (along with Ian), but I might be a bit slow answering emails for a bit, and I won’t be online as much as normal. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can get back to being sad.

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