Just a quick question for those who read my Garbage World episode reviews – by a show of hands, how many here would like to see me cover Cassandra and Epideme? (Or some other VII/VIII episode – the original list of episodes I was planning to review has changed drastically already.) I’m beginning to feel as though I’m running out of things to say, but White Hole and Stasis Leak are going to be relatively easy to write compared to the VII and VIII reviews. After my Pete tirades and my addendum to the Out of Time review about the cliffhanger’s resolution, I would really like to do a positive review of VII and VIII, as I don’t think they’re all bad.

So, the question is: now that I’m halfway through the project, are the reviews still entertaining? Informative? Are they still worth the time to read, or should I pack it in and work on something else for GW? I could try and finish up my Science of Red Dwarf article, or I could do something else entirely.

I would have posted this on Garbage World itself, but since I don’t have a comments system up yet (theoretically, one should be up soon), I thought I would abuse my position as a member of Observation Dome as a means of personal gain. Feel free to condemn me in the comments section.

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