Danny John Jules as Ed. Well done.And the big showbiz news today is that, as expected, the short-running “comedy”, The Crouches, has been renewed – for another season. OH FUCKING GOODY. It’s on tonight on BBC ONE @ 10:35pm. Interestingly, the BBC is making great play of the fact that new writers are involved, rather than it just being Ian Pattison. It will still be crap, though.

Evidence? These video clips. “I SAID BRING IN THE PLATES!” Sorry, is there a joke there? There should be protests about this bilge, not about excellent stuff like Jerry Springer The Opera

Anyway: “Episode one starts with Dad Roly reluctantly turning 40, with no sympathy from his family, while Adele decides she’s had enough of being a housewife and goes on the hunt for a job. ” How promising. I think I’ll stay in bed wanking.

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