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Not. In. Fucking. Time.

DwarfCasts are back! After an extended absence due entirely to my disorganisation and broken computer, we can hopefully start a more regular release of ‘Casts over the coming months. Until we run out of commentaries, anyway…

To kick off, we’ve recorded our experience of Dimension Jump XIV last September, along with some highlights from Robert and Hattie’s Q&A sessions from the weekend and the odd vox pop from the disgusting masses.

DwarfCasts 10 – DJXIV (9.52MB)

Now, obviously a lot of the things revealed at DJ have now been pretty well discussed and debated here since. Stuff like the BBC quote has been ranted against, taken to Points of View and finally clarified by Doug Naylor, so we’ve tried our best to keep as much fresh stuff in here as possible. It’s obviously much shorter than last year’s Casts, and the reason is we’ve got rid of a great deal of ‘old news’.

Look out for a new commentary within the next few weeks.

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