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    I was watching an episode of “Task master” on Dave, and Gregg pointed out during the VT of a task one of the contestants had said Awooga.

    He mocked them and said “thats a catchphrase from a 90s TV show”

    I smiled.

    Then they attributed the noise/word to ITV game show Gladiators.

    So I’m after some balderdash & piffle style provable etymology of the word dwarf use age pre dates it gladiatorial shouting yeah? But does it pre date dwarf? I know Craig use to use it elsewhere in the 90s too. But I want date chronology. Fastest and most correct answer to the task wins something
    Incredibly unimpressive.



    Ok so Marooned was nov 89, predates Gladiators by a couple of years
    And indeed even makes it an 80s catchphrase of sorts.

    This claims John Fasharnoo ( said in a chris Morris voice) is a git and it wasn’t even used in the first series of Gladiators then, i dont personally remember any kick up of fans at the time though myself.

    Any other Awoogas of note, or is this grant naylor / hatties
    Created word. Of onamatopeia.



    John fasharsewho


    Stephen Abootman

    Reminds me of this gem from Metro: “Charles’ lazy oaf of an alter-ego Dave Lister would shout out ‘Awooga!’ during moments of peril, or when a siren was going off”



    Don’t you remember these great moments Stephen?

    Polymorph “Well I say let’s get out there and Awooga!!!! it”

    Holoship ” Lister to Red Dwarf. Awooga!!! We have in our midst a complete smeg pot.”

    Emo Hawk; “Change of plan…. Awooga!!!!”

    Ah such a great catchphrase.



    And who could forget.


    Jesus: “Would the Gladiator like to sit with me?”

    Lister “Fuck John Fashanu.”



    It’s so crypto-Fashanu.






    <blockquotes>Ah such a great catchphrase.

    Only when it was used well. Easy to forget now but that first episode of series VI only had a ten minute runtime.


    Plastic Percy

    John, Paul, George and Fashanu.


    Dollar Pound

    awooga = the 90s

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