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    Captain Bollocks

    A little something for G&TV perhaps, a 1993 episode of Yorkshire TV’s regional offering “Go Getters”, in which three teams of three celebrities race around the country, “Challenge Anneka” style, completing a series of quirky tasks every day over the course of a week in the hope of earning some arbitrarily-awarded points.

    Despite being relatively low-wattage (it isn’t listed on Craig’s IMDB page, for example), somehow it managed to last for seven years, although that was, in part, due to the final run of episodes being held back a couple of years until 1996, due to Craig’s unfortunate legal issues.

    Anyway, there aren’t many episodes online that I can find, but I thought this particular episode was mildly notable, as it features Our Craig dropping to his knees in hero worship of, and proclaiming himself not worthy of being in the presence of, a certain Mr. Rolf Harris, a man who has since widely come to be known as The Gary Glitter of Earth.

    It’s also got Bruno Brookes in it.

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