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    Binge of the goodies, goody bag bbc box set arrived here this morning.

    Playing Invasion of the Moon Creatures from 73. Loving it.

    Beyond it’s dr who, python in jokes, buggs bunny and clockwork orange and moon landing influences.
    I’m enjoying the feel of old school bbc sci fi portrail methods, feels like early dwarf, from golf on the moon to inflatable space helmet fx.

    Then Graeme’s voice for the big space bunny played by a glove puppet makes me wonder if Doug and rob ever saw this and it stuck in their mind for quarantine and flibble. I guess not because that penguin wasn’t chosen until later into production for that episode but I get a very flibble like vibe watching a mad glove puppet from space trying to take over the world.



    I thought this was gonna be about Astronauts, an early 80s sitcom by Bill Oddie and Graeme Garden. It’s about three astronauts living on a British space station, and despite having been written by two of the Goodies it’s apparently quite subdued in tone. I’ve never seen it but this DVD review draws a few interesting parallels with early Red Dwarf:

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