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    Stars of hit comedy show Red Dwarf and a whole host of familiar faces from television descended on Cannock for visited the region for a mini comic con.

    Cannock leisure centre hosted the Cannock Mini Comic Con. Among those in attendance was Chris Barrie, known for appearing as Arnold Rimmer in all 12 series of sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf.

    Cult figure of the series Hattie Hayridge, who plays the role of the female version of Holly was also in attendance.

    Alongside her were the likes of Star Wars’ Paul Warren, Primeval’s Andrew-Lee Potts and Raven’s James Mackenzie.

    Chris Barrie, who has been working on the latest season of Red Dwarf, told the Express & Star: “It’s great to be here. When I do conventions I always try in terms of the small ones to not come to the same town again.

    “So Cannock was offered and I haven’t been here before. I thought when I travel on the M6 Toll I always pass the sign for Cannock and wonder what it’s like, I must try it and get there at some point, and here is the day!

    “It’s been a really nice event. I’ve met people of all ages and it’s good to see so many young new generations getting into Red Dwarf and The Brittas Empire, it’s really positive for us.

    “To meet the fans and get the feedback about the show and hear what their favourite aspects are is always amazing.

    “I take part in quite a lot of conventions, for quite a few years they have been quite a main thing in our schedule.”

    Chris also starred as Gordon Brittas in the BBC show The Brittas Empire.

    While refusing to confirm that the new Red Dwarf series will be back on TV screen’s in 2019, he promised there was plenty to look forward to.

    And admitted his ‘ambition’ is to record some new episodes of The Brittas Empire, which finished more than two decades ago – in 1997.

    He added: “For me these days I’m concentrating on doing more Red Dwarf and still one of my ambitions remains to get more Brittas Empire back on.

    “We had a reunion lat year and decided that we should try and get it back on, so fingers crossed! There’s not a new series confirmed for next year yet but we’re working hard towards it.”

    Throughout the event, which was organised by Mark Longman from Walsall, hundreds turned out to join in with interactive games and a stage show.

    It was the first ever event of its kind and saw ‘cosplay’ enthusiasts dress up as their favourite characters from film and television.

    From Daleks in Doctor Who to video games and geeky crafts, there was plenty to enjoy for fans old and small.

    Red Dwarf’s Hattie Hayridge, who appeared in the third, fourth and fifth series of the sitcom, said: “This was originally planned for March then there was the snowstorms and we came back on a better day. It’s been good – I met lots of different and nice people.

    “Some that turn up to all the conventions so you meet them again. I haven’t been to Cannock before. There’s about three generations of fans now.

    “There’s the original dads who got their kids to watch it, those kids that are now dads are getting their kids to watch it – it’s the ones that were kids that are now dads that are most excited!”

    There was a cosplay competition at 3pm as those who dressed up showed off their costumes to the audience and battled it out to win a host of prizes.

    Ben Paddon

    As seen on Tumblr:


    God, I love those photos! I went here and someone asked Chris what he thought of the leisure centre. He proceeded to talk about the place in full Brittas character for the best part of 2 minutes before stopping and saying he was scaring himself!

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