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    I found my old copy of “colony” yesterday and started reading through it. One thing that struck me was how Rob really gets into the mind of the kind of, low esteem characters who feel like they’ve failed. I feel like a lot of the dark emotions of the characters came from Rob. Like he really gets into the mind of a character like Rimmer and how frustrated he feels about his life. I feel like Rob is/was more of a tortured soul than Doug. (I say was cause I’m sure he’s at peace with life now. I was thinking more of in the 80s and his later memories of ..times when he wasn’t feeling as good about himself maybe?)


    Rob Grant’s Inner Darkness should be a horror/fantasy anthology series.


    Wasn’t it in Robert Llewelly’s book that he envisioned Rob Grant as some sort of miserable agony uncle?


    I’ve got the theme from Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace in my head now.


    There are some grim bits in Last Human, but otherwise Doug’s version of Dwarf has definitely played darker moments with either more pathos or more whimsy than when they were both writing the show, and obviously nothing close to the stuff in Backwards.

    Plastic Percy

    Backwards the novel is utterly grim in places. Spanners watching footage of the other Ace dying, ‘our’ Ace sacrificing his life, Holly being ripped out of Red Dwarf, the disfiguring of the crew in AR game, Rimmer and Kryten’s deaths and, of course, Cat mutilating a vagina with his barbed wire cock.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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