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    I couldn’t see a thread for this in the two seconds I bothered looking for one, but in case anybody missed it (I only caught it by complete chance), Robert and Danny were a team on Celebrity Catchphrase tonight, against Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith, and Nina Wadia and Lynda Baron from Still Open All Hours.

    I won’t spoil it for anyone if you fancy watching it on ITV Hub later (or when it’s inevitably repeated on ITV2 plenty of times over the next few years), but the generic Dwarf-related content during the introductions amounted to:

    *Robert’s stock answer of “They’re talking about doing more episodes, but they don’t invite us to those meetings” (obviously this was pre-recorded some while back)

    *The boys putting the success of the show being down to the chemistry of the four main cast members and the brilliant writing of Doug Naylor

    *The announcement that there will be a series of special crossover events next year between Red Dwarf and Sonic the Hedgehog

    *Danny revealing that everything all the way down to Cat’s “Oooowwwww!”s are in the script, and not improvised

    Obviously it was all a bit light and “ITV-y” and not particularly in-depth or revealing, but it was nice to see them chatting about RD on terrestrial TV, although it was hard to tell if Stephen Mulhern’s enthusiastic “Ooooh, we all love a bit of Red Dwarf, don’t we everyone?! Yeeesss!” line of patter was genuinely affectionate or not, given the saccharine, panto-esque delivery he gives to basically any guest, ever. Also, something I wrote in this post was a lie. Sorry about that.


    Also, something I wrote in this post was a lie.

    Yeah, obviously *some* of Cat’s noises are improvised.


    I dread to think what the picture for ‘Smeg Head’ was like.


    “There’s Mr Chips, washing his hair OH GOD THAT’S NOT MR CHIPS”



    Jawscvmcdia (2)

    Please, don’t remind me…. (Snake Charmer clip):


    Ben Saunders

    Just caught a bit of it there… bloody hell Bobby, bum joke?!

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