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We have high hopes and big plans. I’m booked up with
GNP projects for at least a couple more years – movie or
no movie – some of which will no doubt be of interest.

More news…well, once Series VIII’s out I suppose.

Very interesting. What could possibly top our appearance on the VII DVD? Start speculating… now!

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  • Red Dwarf scriptbook(s)?

    I’d *love* one with what was written of all the unmade eps (Identity Within, the Garbage World one, Dad, etc etc etc). With introductions from Doug. Sadly, I suspect it’s very unlikely, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more books of some sort are planned…

  • Would the words Teh Series IX be jumping the gun a little? Or maybe it’s something like Re-Re’fucking’mastered? Or a Kryten spinoff series about his time on the Nova 5 leading up to the death of the crew? Or maybe a Flibble-based series? A show about the Cat race? It’s probably just a book or something. Not that I’d be against that, I’d be all for ANYTHING Dwarf. Even if it was a show called Silicon Heaven.

  • Pete: ME ME ME ME ME.

    Anyway: bear in mind that this new stuff doesn’t have to be something to do with Dwarf. It could even be a new show of some kind. Or possibly (Ian’s idea, this): how about a DVD release of The 10%ers?

  • A DVD release for the 10%ers would make a lot of sense to me, actually… The fact that they’re pretty much trailing the series on a forthcoming Dwarf DVD suggests that it’s very possible they’ll do this.

  • Well, the clips will be part of the documentary, as opposed to being a feature on their own, so I don’t think it’s really trailing. Just illustrating the narrative of the doco.

  • “The fact that they’re pretty much trailing the series on a forthcoming Dwarf DVD suggests that it’s very possible they’ll do this”

    Oooh, very cynical! It is strange how we’re ‘suddenly’ going to be ‘reminded’ of it. I’d give a 10%ers DVD a look, but fucking hell I’d rather have Series IX *shows hand*. But what with fucking teh Charles in teh fucking Street I wonder if Doug would come up with a plotline where Lister has to leave early in the series to become Teh Ace Lister. Maybe a case of ‘Do us a Korma, I’ll be back for teh X…but only if I get double what these pony losers are on!’. His wage for one episode of Corrie is probably equal to what he got for all VIII series of Teh Dwarf.

    Series IX & X. 6 episodes each. Filmed in front of an audience but with a much better budget than VIII (BBC might be willing after Who’s sci-fi success, however they might be less willing because of this new sci-fi Hyperdrive show. But that might turn out to be ‘Hyperdrivel’ *see what I did there? see what I motherfrickin did there???!* so they might want a quality sci-fi comedy back…but then they might remember VII & VIII and just pull the plug on the whole shebang.). Fuck knows.

  • Interesting. I’m not too keen on Series IX mainly as I’d prefer “no Red Dwarf” to “crap Red Dwarf” and, lets be honest, IX has more chance of being crap than good. See for predictions of Series IX that could be believable after VIII.

    You can talk about budgeting problems, tough schedules and the like but the reason that VIII was sooo bad was because Doug’s writing was a shadow of what it was. VII and VIII represent over a quarter of the total series; a quarter that isn’t all that great. Another duff series would further tarnish the memory. Take The Simpsons as an example; while still watchable it’s LONG past its best and, for the good of the programme, it should be put to rest.

    Movies of either show is a different prospect. Either has artistic licence to be very different to the sitcom. I’m in support of ‘Red Dwarf : The Movie’ (despite my worries about its quality) and will be front of the queue if/when it’s released.

    Have very vague memories of “The 10%ers’, but what I do remember is that it was pretty good. Would be nice to get a refresher courtesy of the DVDs. And ‘I Camcorder’ was great.

  • I would much rather have the majority of VII, BITR pt1, Cassandra and Krytie TV than not. Many episodes to cherish. What is to say there won’t be episodes of this high standard in a series IX? Of course there might not be, but how can you tell untill you’ve seen it? I, for one, trust in Doug still. Wo’s to say there won’t be a future reconciliation with Rob either? You’d no doubt want a new series then.

  • performingmonkass dribbled:
    “so they might want a quality sci-fi comedy back…but then they might remember VII & VIII and just pull the plug on the whole shebang.). Fuck knows.”

    Despite what you may think of VII and VIII (and I do share your views) those series were very highly rated shows – I doubt the BBC or GNP look back on them and think ‘failure’.

  • Hey! Sainsbury’s were selling a couple of RD series for ?7.99 each on DVD which means I got the whole lot for under ?16! (I stole the rest)

  • 10%ers makes sense. It was a pretty good serious especially given the problems ITV had turning out decent sitcoms.

    I think it’s likely there will be new books too. It’s been a while now since the swish Series 8 scripts book, plus we haven’t had a new Red Dwarf Novel in almost ten years.

    I can certainly see a large hard-back book covering the whole of the series being released post Series 8 DVD as a kind of (pardon the pun) bookend to a company the series.

  • The points seem to be accentuated in order to entertain. Just because the writer thinks he is funny doesn’t mean he is. I agree with *some* of what he says and he obviously cares about the show, but I find the iness quite irritating. Crowd pleasing and populist – borne out by the pant wetting responses of some of the fans. No doubt he doesn’t like a lot of it – but that could be summed up with ‘A bit of padding, the odd immature joke’. I really can’t see how KrytieTV could not be enjoyed – really good laddish, silly fun, not to mention hilarious. The series is good not great. Get over it and lighten up.

  • > I really can’t see how KrytieTV could not be enjoyed – really good laddish, silly fun, not to mention hilarious. The series is good not great. Get over it and lighten up.

    I hate to say this, because I know I’ve done the same before (especially the “I really can’t see” bit) – but we should probably all remember that you can’t tell someone to get over their own opinion on something.

    As for Vogel’s reviews… yes, I do disagree with some of it. But some of the stuff I disagree with is stuff he *praises* in VIII, as well as stuff he detracts!

    I think they’re nicely written though, entertaining to read, and express someone’s opinion very well, even if I disagree with quite a few of his comments. I’d like to know what you mean by “I find the iness quite irritating”. I mean, it’s all very well saying it’s “crowd pleasing and populist”, but I really don’t think that’s true. LOADS of people love VIII, including many, many hard core fans – and it had some of the highest viewing figures the show has ever had.

    And even if that wasn’t true, I don’t see what’s wrong with being crowd-pleasing and populist anyway! It worked for the new Doctor Who…

  • > I really can’t see how KrytieTV could not be enjoyed…

    How about the fact that it amounts to little more than people running about with exaggerated expressions on their face, smutty innuendo and a plot based solely on a contrived and unbelievable misunderstanding?

    Nothing wrong with any of that, but compare it to Stasis Leak, Gunmen of the Apocalypse or Polymorph and try convincing me that this is the same kind of show. Yes, there was the occasional innuendo before but it never formed the backbone of the plot.

    Krytie TV. Where’s the character based comedy, where’s the brilliantly concieved plot with a sound sci-fi angle?

    Oh never mind, here’s Kryten doing a Jeremy Beadle impression (!?), Lister trimming his pubic hair and some hopeless over-acting from the supporting cast.

    “Silly fun”. Hmm. Silly? Most definitely. Fun? Not for this “pant wetting” fan.

  • If it weren’t for the three episodes that followed it, Krytie TV would represent the ultimate nadir of Red Dwarf. As it is, it marks the beginning of the end (and compared to its immediate predecessor, Cassandra, it just looks even worse…)

  • I have to say… I actually quite like Krytie TV. I have a soft spot for it. Even the Beadle impression. I certainly don’t think it’s in the same league as the first six series, for the reasons you state Pete, but it’s got a lot of silly jokes that are actually funny, and I’m a sucker for them. It’s successful in what it sets out to do, at least, which I think is a rarity for the last two series.

    I’ll save my further witterings about it for a review, though, as I’ve got too much to say about it, and I’m feeling lazy.

  • I think Krytie TV is a very funny episode, but then again, I like mostly all of series VIII.

    “Contrived and unbelievable misunderstanding?” I don’t know, I never really saw it as unbelievable. Rimmer is very much the type of person who would hear “appeal” and jump to its most satisfactory conclusion. He never asked…so why should Lister tell? Nor do I find it particularly contrived, but just because I’m not aware of something’s overuse doesn’t mean somebody else isn’t.

    It’s not Joyce, but it didn’t try to be. It aimed to be funny and I thought it achieved that end. As did most of series VIII. Which I still find to be very amusing, very fun, and a great breath of fresh air after the stuffy series VII.

  • ‘More news…well, once Series VIII’s out I suppose.’

    Series 1 and 2 Remastered with proper documentaries in the extras this time?

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