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  1. What about Cholë Annette’s foaming twat?

  2. Chloe’s twat is still frowned upon in many circles.

  3. I’m amused by the fact that us lot are for more bothered about the “Chlo?” thing than she was when I pointed it out to her.

  4. Heh, I didn’t realise you pointed it out to her!

    I must learn to pay attention.

  5. “The word ‘arse’ is now permitted on BTLi”

    Yeah, but what I want to know is when it’ll be permitted here…

    Sorry, that’s really lame, had this window open for 2 hours without clicking submit.

  6. Wow! Well, at least I’ve made one good decision this year.

  7. Why oh why do I still giggle uncontrollably at Chlo

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