The final version of the VII cover. Lovely.Back to the daily grind, then. Firstly, the TOS update last week was the usual wonderful DJXII report from Andrew. We might have one at some point. We might not, though. OD will, at any rate.

Onto this week, and as you can see, final VII cover art has been released. So, it looks like the sole of a trainer and the GELF ship, then. Anyway, yes, I think the colour change is an “acceptable tweak”, and works fine. So I expect GNP are relieved to hear that I approve.

Oh, and “hurrah for the booklet”. 16 pages! And a strange man with sharp teeth.

Finally on TOS, the ROK Player card art has been released, as well as a few more details. Lovely cover art, great choice of episodes, lousy idea. But I guess we’ll see in November whether I’m just a grumpy cunt.

Oh, and one quick one – How Do They Do That? has passed through the BBFC. It’s not for the Series 8 release, you stupid twats. Anyway, 5 minutes 25 seconds of, as I recall, very interesting behind-the-scenes action… coupled with the most patronising commentary imaginable. Sigh.

Anyway, it’s not as good as this.

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