After much deliberation the decision has been made to put The White Hole out of its inactive misery and close the site down. I started in mid-2003 with the original intention to just flex my web design muscles for the first time, but it grew into something I loved doing: writing about Red Dwarf. It’ll be sad to see the gray old bastard fade out, but other things are afoot…

I’m now part of a much bigger group and changes have been made to reflect this new found community. And so, after almost two years as part of the Dwarf group Observation Dome; Ian Symes (G&T), John Hoare (G&T), Seb Patrick (Fuchal), Austin Ross (Garbage World), Phil Reed and myself are merging into a fully re-launched Ganymede & Titan.

All White Hole content (for what it’s worth) will be ported across to the new site and you can expect to see this brave new world launch on September 4th. See you there.

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  • ooh… it’ll be interesting! A collaborative effort (gestalt entity?) will be good because first it’ll mean you all will be working together on one project, and also because I’ll only have one site to check for RD news (other than TOS).

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