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The podcast that can proudly claim to be “Better Than Iain Lee’s Shindiggery” returns once more…

DwarfCasts from Ganymede & TitanThe podcast that can proudly claim to be “Better Than Iain Lee’s Shindiggery” returns once more…

DwarfCast 16 – Me2 Commentary (28.1MB)

Oh, look, we’ve got another Dwarfcast up. Is this the shortest gap we’ve ever had between them? POSSIBLY, I can’t be bothered checking. Anyway, on the same evening as our Stasis Leak ‘cast, only this time after the infidel Julian Hazeldine had GONE HOME, we turned our attention to the first series. A top-ten-ranking episode in our legendary poll, Me2 is rather well-thought of here at G&T, particularly by Rimmer fangirl Tanya, which made us rather enthused by the prospect of talking about it. Or maybe, as ever, that was just the booze. Anyway, enjoy!

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  • I rate it as one of the best. An even better version of this epidsode is in IWCD. It really makes you wonder if you could stand being alone with yourself, literally. (One of us would definitely have to die.)

  • As much as I love ‘Bodysnatcher’ I am really happy this version came out, Rimmer and double is much funnier than Lister and double, plus the scene at the end would have been immpossible to film, I mean setting the while place on fire!

  • Interesting you should say that. I was wondering if Bodysnatcher would work if it had been broadcast along with all the other episodes. Ok, I understand that ideas from Bodysnatcher were recycled, and if Bodysnatcher had been made, Me2 likely wouldn’t. (Especially as there are 6 episodes in that series.) However, now that Bodysnatcher does exist, albeit in a different form, does it still fit ok in the continuity of the other episodes. (I don’t want to say ‘is it canon?’ cos I think ‘canon’ is a word that’s way overused but does it count?)

    Actually I think there’s an argument for it in that the duplicate Lister thing is pretty much the end part of the episode. The episode itself covers a lot of other stuff. Dual Rimmer on the other hand (no pun intended) is the main story of Me2. In fact events in Bodysnatcher could be taken as a bit of foreshadowing for Me2. So they certainly could fit in continuity, although really in broadcast form. The idea of your double driving you mad is identical is too similar still. Unless they were placed in separate series of course.

  • Another interesting thing is that IF they would have made Bodysnatcher like planned, the second hologram would have been Kochanski, right? Series two would have been a bit different because of that…

  • That was the original idea for Me2, wasn’t it?

    But yeah, you’re right. I’m glad they didn’t take that route though. I like Kochanski but that was way to early to bring her back. Mind you, they rarely knew if another series would even get commissioned.

  • I doubt the plan was to keep her around. They probably would have written her out in Series 2, episode 1. But does that mean Kryten would never have happened? Changing the course of Red Dwarf history forever!

  • > That was the original idea for Me2, wasn?t it?

    Me? wasn’t going to happen originally – they only thought it up once Bodysnatcher was in the bin. KK appearing was a cliffhanger for II they would have dealt with if/when they got a II commission.

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