Cuh, you wait all week for more Dwarf related BBFC entries, then all of a sudden, a fuckload of them turn up all at once. We’ll get the stuff we already know about out of the way – namely the Directors Cut, and various bits of commentary – and linger a little longer on some more interesting entries…

First off, there appears to be a 47 minute piece called THE MAKING OF BACK TO EARTH – PART TWO. Now, it’s possible that they’ve chosen to dedicate nearly fifty minutes of running time to the second part of the trilogy, but more likely instead that this is the all new exclusive-to-DVD documentary, which presumably picks up where the regular Making Of Back To Earth leaves off. Ellard has once again provided us with an impressive length – over an hour of making of documentary in total, despite the series it’s covering only being half the length of a regular one.

BBFC also has two big batches of miscellaneous extras, the most intriguing of which is labelled TAPE ONE. As well as a big EPK and a bunch of videos from Dave’s library, there’s also a series of promos, each featuring one of the main cast, and each with titles like “GIVE MONEY”, “COMING SOON”, “SHOW HAS…”, “ON THIS WEEK” and “ON TODAY”. Now, this may be my mind being fit to bursting point by the sheer quantity of promo material in the week leading up to broadcast, but I have no memory of these whatsoever…

And finally, the batch marked TAPE 2 contains two features – a five and a half minute piece on the Back To Earth premiere, and just under eight minutes on something called “SIGNING”. The premiere stuff will presumably be a mash-up of Dave’s various bits of Berkeley Square/red carpet coverage, with BBFC’s cast list promising a bit of Pratchett goodness. The “signing” one I’m not so sure about – I initially thought “that’ll be the Berkeley Square stuff”, but then I remembered that there wasn’t any actual autograph signing going on there, just photos. So what is it? Fuckers, it’s over to you….

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  • This is quite, quite lovely. I am positively moist with excitement.

    > Ellard has once again provided us with an impressive length
    So you’ve heard the rumours, too?

  • TAPE 1 and TAPE 2, eh? This has got to be what each of the discs will be called, hasn’t it?

    Bloody lovely.

  • I suspect it may just refer to the physical tape the extras were delivered to the BBFC on – I’ve seen it in a few other BBFC entries here and there…

  • I didn’t think the BBFC accepted tapes anymore, and everything had to be rated on disc only? That rule came in well over a year ago, so perhaps TAPE 1 and 2 doesn’t actually mean the physical form it’s provided.

  • It means the tapes we have to make, which are then transferred by 2e for various purposes – including discs for the BBFC.

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