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Whose idea was it to do a live DwarfCast on Friday 13th? This was supposed to be the first glorious coming together of the entire G&T team this series, but while Jonathan Capps and Danny Stephenson successfully dialled in to join Ian Symes and “guest” Jo Sharples at G&T Towers, John Hoare and Tanya Jones were stuck in traffic as a result of a local stabbing. Would they make it to Broadcunting House in time to discuss all things The One Where Everyone’s Kryten with us?

Tune in to find out, as well as discovering which side of the “best episode in years”/”worst episode in years” axis we all sit, the implications of Rimmer’s dream of being a fish, the difference between a MILF and a clitoris, and the origins of Baby Don’t Be Ovulating Tonight. Plus, we round up all the latest news we’ve neglected to write about properly, give our thoughts on the latest UKTV Play controversy, and do a live audio-only taste-test of some actual Leopard Lager.

DwarfCast 91 – Live Siliconia Instant Reaction (86.5MB)

Thanks for bearing with us through a slightly chaotic edition, but that’s all part of the fun, right? We’ll be back and hoping to have our shit together next Friday 20th October at 9pm to give our almost-instant reactions to Timewave. In the meantime, look out for our full in-depth written review of The One Where Everyone’s Kryten in the next few days.

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  • excellent more than one person talking here unlike the comments

    only joking

    still think this episode should have been a two-parter so much to explore so little time

    everybody’s kryten dave

  • This is the first time I’ve listened to a Dwarfcast before watching the episode. I’ve now seen Siliconia twice and although I laughed out loud only a few times, I much preferred it to Cured and am now looking forward to the rest all the more!

  • Another enjoyable Dwarfcast !! laughed more during this than my first viewing of Siliconia!!

    after my first viewing i was left completely cold and gutted i did not laugh too much, did not have too many thoughts other than it LOOKED great.

    second viewing i enjoyed it much more, the first half is solid, the second half suffers from Dave Dwarf syndrome, trying to fit an AMAZING concept that would well be covered in an hour show or even a novel and then wrap up the story in 8 -10 minutes.

    the group therapy scene is good, and as said by you all in the Dwarfcast the best part of the story was Rimmer being happy as a Mech, that side story had so much potential on it’s own, such a shame it was thrown away in all the clutter of the last few minutes.

    it’s a shame it ends on a bit of a nothing line from Kryten, but as said before it was much more watchable the second time around.
    enjoyed all the back references int his one from the Guitar to Kryten reference to being taught to lie in Camille.

    certainly going to be an interesting reaction next week when the rest see it on Dave for the first time.

    lets see what Timewave Brings.

  • This is the first time I’ve listened to a Dwarfcast before watching the episode.

    errrrm lister

  • All episodes are the worst episode in years

    Back to Earth part 1 was easily the worst episode in ten years.

  • The dwarfcast button for Siliconia on the banner doesnt work.. please fix it with this screwdriver im lobbing at you, without appreciating enough all the hard work you are doing.

  • Still not caught the trailer mentioned here despite tuning into Dave for the ad breaks all day (well, not all of them). Has this been repeated since Thursday? It doesn’t appear to be online anywhere either.

  • If you’ve not seen it, and can’t find it, just check the Trailer Time comments, where everything’s fair fucking game.

  • The one CB3 mentioned that was discussed in the Dwafcast is significantly different (from the sounds of it) to the one in the Teaser Time thread.

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