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    Ok so if you look on youtube you may see some talk about a gender-swapped CBS red dwarf reboot in the works. its said to be written by the Star trek discovery team. the information all came from twitter page Angry Mr Flibble.

    I don’t believe this for one moment. but i thought it was quite funny to see.


    Ben Saunders

    >Random unsourced anonymous 4chan post
    I believe it.



    “exist in the same universe”

    Yeah, doubt it. This reads more like a bad fanfic than anything.



    > This reads more like a bad fanfic than anything.

    By the people that brought us Star Trek Discovery, yeah, that makes sense.



    >Random unsourced anonymous 4chan post





    Nah, the post didn’t end in “do you think?”



    I know it’s rubbish, it’s obviously rubbish….So i asked Doug on Twitter to end it. (Who posts screenshots anymore, that is so old fashioned)

    I’ve seen this floating round the interwebs recently (alot of people falling for it) and it seems i’m the only one bothering to do anything and tag the actual dude behind it if it was happening. #RedDwarf @DougRDNaylor, i know its rubbish, just say it for the others :P

    Doug Naylor
    This is the first I’ve heard of it.



    I would pay to see Alex Kurtzman Red Dwarf, but only if I never had to see it again.



    Could you imagine a gender-swapped version of the Red Dwarf crew?! What a crazy concept. I’m amazed that it’s never been done before.



    If they were to make Red Dwarf now they’d probably insist on a 50% BAME cast and a disabled writer.



    At the very least. Holly would be a women and they would introduce Kochanski as a regular cast member.



    They’d probably pander to the left by making them all speak some made-up international language too.



    Wouldn’t be surprised if they cast a famous English actor in the role of captain, but then had them speak in an American accent to exude confidence. Oh wait, wrong show.


    Plastic Percy

    The homosexuals and Marxists have finally got their way, is nothing sacred?



    I like how this is being held up online as being the most horrific thing that could happen to Dwarf…xD It’s really not.



    I mean let’s not mince words here, this would be an incredibly awful idea.



    LOL with the amount of control s.j.w’s have now, a modern Holly would probably have a gender change 2 series in


    Plastic Percy

    No doubt the SJWs would also expect us to accept that two of the cast members are black for no reason.



    Think you’ll find [REDACTED] already made that joke


    Flap Jack

    Why, if Red Dwarf were first being made now, the SJWs would probably insist on having at least one woman and at least one LGBTQ character in the regular cast!

    … have I got this joke right.


    Ben Saunders

    The Doctor Who Series 3 finale (2007) has The Master saying “You and your little band… is ticking every demographic box”, which is surprised me, as I thought it would be a little early for somebody to be making a comment like that, because I associate all of this sjw/forced diversity/white genocide shite with much more modern times. I guess I only became aware of it later and it had been going on even before then.


    Ben Saunders

    I can’t make a comment on this site without making some sort of typographical error, it seems.



    Weren’t humans created in the image of Time Lords? Think I heard that from somewhere.


    Ben Saunders

    Nothing like that is canon, there’s some shit about morphic fields and the Time Lords being first and therefore sort of influencing the future development of successive humanoid species, but that’s bookshit.



    Time Lords are the aliens in The Chase, confirmed.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    Graham is the host of The Chase.


    Ben Saunders

    >Time Lords are the aliens in The Chase
    The Daleks?


    Plastic Percy

    The Doctor says “you look Time Lord” in response to Lady Christina saying “you look Human” in ‘Planet of the Dead’.


    Ben Saunders

    The Doctor saying “lots of planets have a north” in Rose implies that some don’t


    Flap Jack

    The 12th Doctor and the 2nd Romana both copied their appearances from aliens they’ve met. The 1st and 2nd Doctors both look identical to random humans. The 3rd Doctor looks like Worzel Gummidge.


    Ben Saunders

    Quite why the Sixth Doctor decided to steal Maxil’s appearance is anybody’s guess



    OK, but can we agree that Red Dwarf _style_ show with all women would be interesting?



    There’s supposed to be an “a” in there, but the edit button doesn’t work.


    Flap Jack

    Yes, and I don’t think you even need the “style” concession. It would still be interesting even if it genuinely were a reboot of Red Dwarf itself. After all, if you’ve already tried twice and failed twice to make Red Dwarf USA, it can’t hurt to try something even more different for attempt 3, right? As long as it isn’t an either/or situation with the BBC/UKTV series.

    Ideally they would go the Ghostbusters ’16 route, though, and have it be a different continuity with completely new characters. Not just Female Lister and Female Rimmer and the like.



    The main four being men adds to the theme of their total isolation from humanity, quite frankly. In quoting Ardal O’Hanlon, Dougal in Father Ted, “There’s something intrinsically sad about men without women.”

    The separation Lister has from females plays into his longing to return home and have offspring, to settle down. Maybe he could manage being in deep space and manage to settle down with someone there with a Jim and Bexley, but he’s not able to for obvious reasons. As he says in Timeslides, “I want a life. This is worse than prison. In prison, you can look forward to getting out. I want to live. I want to meet people. I want to meet girls. I want to make love.”

    Course you have exceptions such as the female Holly in series III-V, however she doesn’t disrupt this status que as she is at the end of the day an artificial intelligence with only the digital representation of her being a female. Even then, she has a platonic relationship with the four, and is more a little sister to them than someone they show active romantic interest in.

    Kochanski may or may not cockup the entire dynamic, depending on your outlook. I cannot say whether she did or did not in VII and VIII, as I have never been familiar with just VII and VIII being her only appearances as I wasn’t even alive to acknowledge it. I will add, though, that combining that with her role in the Dave Era mixes a very good balance of longing that earlier series had. Instead of longing for something completely unattainable in delusion, Lister now has a realistic opportunity of achieving happiness; in many ways “growing up” in his ambitions from wanderlust for a teenage crush to attempting to win back an ex-lover.

    Having a female cast for Red Dwarf is a dodgy concept at best, but in the end would have to be an entirely different show to at all function on its own two legs.


    International Debris

    There’s definitely a lot of truth to the fact that there’s a lot of writing in Red Dwarf that’s very much about ‘men’ in space. None of them are necessarily typically blokey – Lister is (relatively) sensitive given his laddish life and success with women, Rimmer is strange and repressed, and Cat doesn’t meet a female for more than a few minutes until series VII – but nevertheless there’s definitely a certain masculine frustration at play in a lot of the character stuff. Which isn’t to say it wouldn’t be able to pull off with women, but it would require a lot of extremely good writing to make it feel recognisable.

    I mean really there’s nothing good that could come from a female ‘reboot’ of the show. The last thing an all-female show needs is constant comparisons to an all-male show.


    Flap Jack

    This idea that all the main characters being men is essential to the core spirit of the show is something that warrants more deconstruction. Why would women not want to return home, have kids, settle down, see other humans again, have sex? Of course they would, just the same.

    I think this line of reasoning is down to ingrained stereotypes about men and women, in comedy and society in general. Men are generally more buffoonish in comedies while the women are the voices of reason (Kochanski being a classic example), men are immature enough to crush on colleagues they barely speak to and plan pie in the sky paradise careers with them, while women are always mature enough that they would only feel longing for their very pedestrian, realistic life plans. But these are cliches that Red Dwarf in no way has to conform to.

    Ultimately an all-female version of Red Dwarf would and should be very different to the one we have now, but that difference would be in the details not the fundamentals. I would recommend they got women to write it, though. No offence to Doug, but let’s not kid ourselves here.


    Ben Saunders

    It’s very likely that at least one of the boys would have at least tried to have a wank over female Holly at one point. Whenever the AR machines were down for maintenance due to a spunk blockage.


    By Jove its holmes

    At least in the Classic Six, Lister wants to stay in his working-class rut though. He doesn’t want to mature or better himself. He openly says in “DNA” that he’d rather keep women as disposable sexual objects in his life rather than treat them as complex and equal human beings (“I could have started having relationships with [women] instead of going out with them”).

    Everyone talks about Rimmer but Lister’s attitude towards women in much of the Classic Six doesn’t look too well either, thirty years on.


    Pete Part Three

    I think you’re reaching here, if you’re using that speech in DNA, then it’s worth noting that Lister’s comments about “relationships” vs “going out with” [the same people] is in the context of believing himself to be a ‘class-tratior’ because he went to a winebar rather than a pub. That’s far less about his perception of women, and more about his perception of “middle-class”.

    This is also in the same episode where he recounts being so hung up on someone he just “went out with”, that he wanted to be a squirrel.



    I never got the impression that Rimmer or Lister were being presented as having 100% healthy attitudes to women, though, so that’s fine.

    Lister lacks maturity, he’s had only shallow relationships with women in the past and he’s hung up on an unrealistic schoolboy crush on Kochanski (one of the reasons I don’t like the retcon that they actually went out). Of course he isn’t yet at the stage where he understands how to have a complex relationship of equals with a woman. But he at least knows to treat them as people rather than sex objects to be won.

    Rimmer is different, he’s lacked success with women and is more cynical in how he thinks they have to be obtained through tricks and lies (which resonates fairly well today, maybe even better than it did in the original era.) He doesn’t really believe in love and romance, whereas Lister is definitely a romantic. Rimmer’s big development on that front is obviously Holoship, and it’s one of the reasons why that’s such a great episode.

    And Cat has a schoolkid’s simplistic understanding of love and sex, which kind of makes sense given his animal roots. It will be interesting to see how he interacts with Cat females in the new special.

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