Does everyone else's Red Dwarf XII DVD play properly?

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    Me Own Stunts

    Sorry if this kind of ‘I have a technical problem’ thread isn’t allowed here, but I wanted to learn if this was a widespread issue.

    I watched the second disc of Red Dwarf XII when I first received it, with no problems. But I hadn’t watched much of the first disc until this week, when I started trying to rewatch series XII to decide how its episodes should be placed in the Pearl Poll.

    It keeps skipping great sections of episodes and some episodes aren’t starting at all. It says “skipping over damaged areas” but the disc is not damaged on the surface, which suggests it’s more of an encoding error.

    Has anybody else discovered this problem? If it’s just me, then asking for a replacement disc should sort it out (though I haven’t sought replacements through amazon before).



    Not played mine. Only got it to turn the sleeve round to match up the spines


    Me Own Stunts

    If I don’t get much of a response over this week I’ll assume it’s because everyone else’s DVDs are playing normally.

    The reason I’m asking is that if it’s a widespread encoding error, a replacement from amazon won’t make a difference until the problem is addressed.



    I’d check for 1-star Amazon reviews. Those are often about technical issues.


    International Debris

    Nobody’s mentioned it on here yet, so I’d imagine it can’t be that common.


    Me Own Stunts

    Thanks folks. I’ve decided to get a replacement on Amazon. Just baffled that the disc isn’t visibly scratched or anything, yet struggles to play. Anyway, the process is begun and now I have to return it to them.

    Happy New Year!

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