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    Bought some kind of Awesome Indie Games Super Pack For Cool Dudes thing on Steam a few nights ago (check them out if you haven’t this week…some really great deals) and it contained a game I’d never heard of called Plain Sight.

    It sucks, so don’t buy it. (Well, the other games in the pack are good so it may still be worth it, but…whatever.)

    But in the achievements list there are a few Dwarf references (alongside some Hitchhiker’s, Futurama and other more serious sci-fi you’d all know far better than I would).

    – Everybody’s Dead Dave
    Kill 4 opponents with a single meltdown

    – Are You Sure Sir? It Does Mean Changing the Bulb
    Tag an object in lighten up that has already been tagged

    …and that’s it I guess. I thought there were at least 3, but that’s all I’m seeing now. This probably isn’t worth much of a discussion (unless you want to yell at me for disliking the game) but I thought I’d bring it up.

    You’re so welcome.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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