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    Seb Patrick

    Hello. Do you use Facebook? Of course you do. Everyone does. It’s better than Myspace for stalking people you went to school with, and better than Literati for playing Scrabble.

    Well, you may or may not know that G&T has a group on there. We haven’t really made use of it much, but I’d quite like to – starting first and foremost with starting up a Scrabulous tournament I’m starting up for members.

    The group’s called Friends of Ganymede and Titan. So if you are one – or indeed just a regular visitor who HATES US – join up, make us look popular, and we’ll do interesting things with it. Maybe.


    You’re all a bunch of cunts.


    or indeed just a regular visitor who HATES US

    I hate your face.


    Potatoe is hot RU single??

    Danny Stephenson

    OK, it’s officially scary, seeing the word “Potatoe” written like that has just made me laugh. A lot.


    Fuck facebook.

    You know, all was all happy being elitist like that until I get an e-mail ‘so and so wants to be your friend on facebook.’ I don’t even rememebr creating a damn profile. Fortunately, I don’t rememebr the password so I can still remain somewhat happy about the whole thing.

    Though from what I have seen it is a stalker’s best friend. Myspace is still better though, purely for music, of course…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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