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    After seeing the topic about the R1 custom XI DVD cover I thought I’d share my own customs created after I decided my other RD DVDs needed the classic style treatment.

    Also see if you can spot something borrowed from this very site on one of the covers.

    (Note: there is not 3 hours worth of bonus features on the USA DVD.)


    Spines (not including XI)


    Jonathan Capps

    G&T Admin

    Oh man, it2i2.


    International Debris

    Go on, let’s see your IX cover then.



    Ah that one isnt my design I got it on thecustomaniacs forum but this is what it looks like

    <a href=http://i1157.photobucket.com/albums/p595/PeterMoore42/DVD%20covers/RDIX-2.jpg





    Phobos And Deimos

    From BtE onwards, the JMC logo should be displayed across the spines.

    Or a photo of Norman Lovett smiling through gnashed, snarling, misaligned teeth.



    Surely Kerry Shale’s Medi-Bot would be a better choice for the new series.

    …probably the only time that sentence will ever be written.


    Pete Part Three

    Fuck. That’s really impressive. I needed you about 23 years ago when I was despairing of the inconsistent VHS covers.

    Did you “deliberately” alternate the size of the “Series [n]” text on the spine, like they did for the Series I – VIII.



    Thank Pete :) It was an initially an error on Just The Smegs but then decided to make the text on the rest larger to fill up the blankness of the spines. I did notice the size inconsistency on the I – VIII spines so lets call it a “homage” haha



    I like the idea of the JMC logo on the spine, might knick that.

    They look great though, although I don’t like Back To Earth being called series IX but that’s a small issue.



    Hang on, how do you even put on a Back to Earth custom sleeve?



    You’ll have to share the results Glen :)
    There is another version of the Back to Earth cover out there without it being refered to as IX but I couldn’t find it (sure it used to be on here once upon a time) so had to make do.



    But, like, how do you put that sleeve on the case in the first place?


    International Debris

    You just buy an empty DVD case.






    I should really self-regulate how much I post on this website.



    Cruel irony in putting Spare Head Three on the spine of Just The Smegs.

    Never forgiven.



    Hey Timestone2000, is there a chance I can have a copy of those 3 custom DVD covers you made, please? Or is there a way I can download and print them from my computer?



    I will see about digging out the PDFs of them (its been a while since I made them) and send them on to you Max and anyone else who wants them :)



    Thank you Very Much~! ^w^



    Also Just curious, what’s that “Dimension Jump” DVD all about? and is it just me or is that spine of “The BodySnatcher Collection” a bit different from any of the other copies of the Boxset you find on Ebay or Amazon?


    Flap Jack

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the “Dimension Jump” DVD is a collection of content from the biennial Red Dwarf fan convention, and not just a dedicated disc for one Series IV episode.

    Also, I only just processed that Timestone2000 has all of the individual series releases and the Series I-VIII “Just The Shows” box set and the “All The Shows – Anniversary Edition” box set.

    But… why?

    I’m not even sure if it’ll be worth getting the Blu ray versions…



    I have no answer Flap Jack I just like giving GNP money haha It’s a sickness really… And to confess I have the blurays on preorder already

    Max the BodySnatcher is the same as the regular release I just edited the spine to match the others and slid it in the case!



    you could get three TVs and watch the same episode on all of them at once. triple the dwarf



    Also Max you are right! The Dimension Jump DVD is just a bunch of convention footage I bought of Ebay years ago



    I’d also love a copy of the custom DVD covers. I might actually buy BTE if I can put an alternative cover on it that refers to it as IX and gives it the same look as the other series.





    International Debris

    Because it’s the sensible thing to do.


    Flap Jack

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if Doug (and GNP, UKTV etc.) wanted Back to Earth not to be regarded as “Series IX” then he should have learned to count and called the 2012 series “Series IX”.

    And if he just skipped 9 to troll everyone, then that means he did it to deliberately provoke this exact reaction, so therefore there’s no problem.



    it seems a bit excessive to make a new cover for BTE just so it’ll match with the rest of the spines though, doesn’t it? i mean if you want to do that then fair play, but isn’t it just easier and more sensible to just use the DVD cover that the DVD actually came with?


    Ben Saunders

    Oh dear, it’s this discussion again


    Flap Jack

    Oh dear, it’s this discussion again

    But is Series VIII really worse than Series VII? Let’s think seriously about this.


    Ben Saunders

    Yes, 100%



    I’d rather talk about whether Chris is wearing a wig.


    International Debris

    it seems a bit excessive to make a new cover for BTE just so it’ll match with the rest of the spines though, doesn’t it? i mean if you want to do that then fair play, but isn’t it just easier and more sensible to just use the DVD cover that the DVD actually came with?

    Sorry, I think you’re on the wrong site.

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