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    Jonathan Capps

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    As with last year’s game please treat this as your mega-thread for any thoughts, bug reports etc. Once again I’ll be doing some video coverage of the game over the coming days and posting something more substantial in written form later on.



    ooh so depending on what character i was playing as, the location the level took place in changed. that’s a neat feature

    e.g. I was playing as Ziggy and so the level was on the Enconium, but when playing as the Listerbot i was on the Vespasian.



    Very nice. Just had ten minutes or so, and it’s pretty easy to control, not much different to Red Dwarf XI there. Shockingly, I only got 4/5 on my first go at the quiz. The pressure made me slip.



    This game is very depended on the desire to gain points and unlock characters and stuff which i can see why that could be quite addictive.

    Wonder if we could ever get this sorta game but thats does all the series to unlock characters like the inquisitor from early series.


    Jonathan Capps

    G&T Admin

    As posted by Ian GameDigits in the XI thread:

    Thanks guys – and yes the game is out now!


    It’s free this time so why not give a go! (It’s also worth keeping in the back of your mind that it is a free game too when giving feedback). We do monetise it with adverts, but they are all optional as reward videos – we never force you to watch an advert throughout the game.

    We’re very responsive to feedback, so let us know your thoughts. We know that the Red Dwarf audience is very varied, so we can’t hit the mark for everyone – but we’ve aimed to include different modes in the game to cater for different types of players and it’s not linear either.

    Plus, I expect ALL of you on here to ace the quiz!

    As for the spelling of Ziggy – I know it’s an odd spelling, but it is correct in the game. We actually had it as ‘Bryceman’ at first, but after double checking the freeze frame on the picture he made in the Econium ship in the episode, it’s definitely ‘Briceman’.



    quiz problem: usually, each level has 5 questions. when you get one or more wrong, the quiz ends and you’re shown which answers you got wrong on the game over screen.

    however, on quiz levels with more than 5 questions, if you get an answer wrong, it will only show your results for the first 5 questions of that level, making it impossible to know which of the others you got wrong.



    Enjoying this. Took me a few attempts to get 7/7 on stage 16 of the quiz. Now I just keep getting stage 16, but every time I get full marks the number of the stage on the main menu goes up by one.

    My best score on Quick Play is 114. That’s with only one life though, as after the first few times I played I’ve been unable to watch a video to revive.



    Is there anyway to turn the sounds off in game? Pretty sure I rubbed up against this with the last game, but I tend to listen to music on headphones whilst playing on the tube. Even with audio muted on phone, game audio seems to bypass and play through headphones along with music.



    Thanks for the feedback guys! We hope you’re enjoying the game?

    We’ve fixed the quiz issue now internally and we will have an update out as soon as we can – we’re also going to add more questions too. There are currently 16 stages in the quiz, each *should* have 5 questions each. However, after looking into your queries we have found that stages 15 & 16 had more than 5 questions. We’ve resolved this now…

    With regards to the sound, there currently isn’t a volume option in the initial release, but we’ll add one in for you – that’s no problem!

    Thanks for downloading and playing the game!



    I let the Dwarf drift past on the home screen. Left it for half an hour while I watched telly last night. Kept one eye on it as it drifted right across screen. It looks lovely.




    Enjoying the game so far.. Certainly wants to keep you playing for more characters… Do you think any more will be added?? Hollister or Ace for example?? Or elvis from meltdown.. I’m not picky…


    Me Own Stunts

    I’m glad that my iPhone isn’t one of the newer ones that knows when you’re looking at the screen. I like the perks of ‘watch video’ (of an advert for a random app) without having to actually watch any of them.


    International Debris

    A nice diverting bit of fun, particularly given its generous price. Will have to update to get the quiz making more sense once I got to level 15. Unlocked a few characters so far, although other than enjoying the niceness of the M-Corp level, I’ve been playing as Snacky for the most part.



    Hoorah I’ve unlocked the skutter. Skutters can shoot now. I blame John Wayne.



    I assume at this point they won’t be completing the XI game with the last 2 episodes.

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