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    Spare Hand One

    I just remembered a thing I used to have. No, not that.

    It was a piece of not-quite-official TORDFC merch: a car bumper sticker (decal) that read “My Other Car is Starbug 1.”

    Isn’t that great? Isn’t it just tonally spot-on as piece of RD merch?


    Toxteth O-Grady

    Back in the mid 90s I once saw a small red hatchback with a bumper sticker which simply said ‘Red Dwarf’.
    It obviously wasn’t official merch, and the typeface wasn’t remotely like anything the show has ever used, but I still liked the thought that a fan of the show had somehow procured it in order to dub their own car as “Red Dwarf”.



    Wasn’t that free with an SFX special about British sci-fi? About 10 years ago?

    I only mention it as I have that somewhere as well and that’s where it came from.


    Spare Hand One

    95% sure it was TORDFC. Pretty sure the logo was on it.


    Spare Hand One

    I can see some similar ones on Google Image search, but mine was none of those. They all look like fan-made/Etsy cash-in type things referring to “a” Starbug or “the” Starbug. Gross. Mine definitely read Starbug 1 and was a thing of beauty.



    Ah, rival versions!

    The SFX one was at least picture-cleared I’m assuming, and had the Times New Roman RD logo on it. Think it was from between BtE and X. I wonder where it went actually…

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