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    Tyrell Corporation

    400 quid?

    I’m building a 9 foot model, going to give it away as a prize at the next Dimension Jump.

    Don’t worry, it splits into four parts for easy removal from my rubbishy little flat.


    Its a pretty good rep, and even has the burn hole in the rear engine casing where the orginal lightbulb melted it through. But that’s the only problem i see is that the engine is too small.


    > But that?s the only problem i see is that the engine is too small.

    Yea, it looks way out of proportion.


    But why is it red?

    Paul Muller

    I WANT.

    Seb Patrick

    The “logo” is too big, as well.

    Nice piece of work, but ?400? Joking.

    I’m totally building a Lego RD one of these days. And by “one of these days”, obviously I mean “slowly and painfully over the course of about ten years”.

    Ian Symes

    Didn’t you start work on a Lego Dwarf years ago, Danny?

    Danny Stephenson

    That was the original plan. In fact I was looking at this the other day:


    2004 FFS!!! The memories…

    I also found a Lego model creator for windows, and when you’ve finished it you can then print off an order list for what pieces you’d need to build it as well as an instruction booklet you can print off to help you build the thing the same way you did it in the computer…

    Danny Stephenson

    Anyways I did kind of ‘make Red Dwarf out of Lego.’…

    Seb Patrick

    My plan (if I ever get round to it, and this probably won’t happen until I move) is to start off buying a set of some kind that’s predominantly red (there’s one I’ve got my eye on – Brighton has a Lego shop, y’see, and it’s made me want to start buying the stuff again). When I’m done pissing around with it, I’ll buy some more red bricks (the shop in Brighton has a sort of “Lego brick pick ‘n’ mix” section!) and make a start. But the idea is that I’ll use what I’ve got to make a quite small one to start with – and then whenever I get round to getting more bricks, just make it bigger and bigger!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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