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    Tafkas lovechild

    That little guide booklet that SFX gave away free to celebrate the transmission of Series XI was lovely. The A-Z therein was fairly unremarkable; however, it did list Kill Krazy’s real name as “Oswald Blenkinsop”. Something I had never heard, or read, anywhere else before. And also, Captain Vorhese as “Captain Hauptmann Meinhard Vorhese”.

    So, where did these little nuggets come from? Doug? I may have missed something.



    Tafkas lovechild

    Ah! Thank you.



    I don’t know if it’d hold up now, but I found Kill Crazy’s bits really funny in ‘Cassandra’ at the time. All that psychotic, Vyvyan-channeling energy, then he goes and knocks himself out straight away. If that had been his only appearance, I’d think of him fondly. If.



    Something I only clocked recently – Kill Crazy (and other bits of the Tank stuff) is basically the SAS/Andy McNabb material from the Space Corps Survival Manual making its way into the actual show, isn’t it?


    Ben Saunders

    It’s very broad slapstick, but his energy is infectious and it’s worth a giggle.


    Ben Paddon

    Kill Crazy works in Cassandra. It’s a funny little character bit. It sadly doesn’t translate well to later episodes.


    International Debris

    Yeah, left in Cassandra as a one off guest part he’d be fine. I kind of appreciate the idea of using him and Baxter throughout the series to give it a sense of continuity, but frankly I think it’d have been much better to just use him in that one episode.



    why is Kill Crazy even in any of the episodes after Cassandra? weren’t all the canaries supposed to be dead within one hour during that episode?



    Because he hit his head before leaving the ship.



    The Canary drop ship, rather.



    Or the diving bell thereof.


    International Debris

    Yes, you see him in the diving bell near the end, with a semi-circular bruise on his forehead.



    What International Debris said.


    Plastic Percy

    Say what you like about the Survival Manual, but I like the joke of SCSSRRBD standing for Space Corps, Special Service – Really, Really Brave Division.


    Plastic Percy

    Ah, the interview where you learn that wacky joke character Kill Crazy murdered a five year old child. Classic.


    Pete Part Three

    Wait..what? Fucking hell. And a bit of zoophilia thrown in too. Huh.



    some of these interviews are really fucking bizarre, wow. the captain hollister one is just entirely jokes about him being fat and eating a lot. it’s like his characterisation in VIII, only worse



    jesus, just noticed one particular interview has this line: “The London Jets manager? He had those sparky-white teeth forcibly removed one-by-one from a young Mexican boy and then inserted into his own mouth. Apparently he’s still troubled by nightmares and wakes up with the flavour of tacos in his mouth.”



    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    The twisted mind of Andrew Ellard.


    Ben Saunders

    He stole a Mexican boy’s teeth and is haunted with regret, what’s not to get?



    it’s a bit of a weird thing to see on an official red dwarf site, isn’t it? stuff like “Captain Hollister had checked in to deal with his eating disorder – he had been unable to complete the twelve course meal he’d ordered the night before.” and other stuff such as “Bing Baxter, the game show host, is addicted to hamsters. Not sexually, I mean to eat. Can’t get enough of them.” feels less like actual red dwarf stuff, and more like that jokey G&T article about Pete Part 2 where Lister is addicted to horse meat or something


    International Debris

    Mm, it’s from the ‘vastly exaggerated quirks = character’ era of Dwarf.

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