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    Seb Patrick

    As you all know, a five minute preview of Back to Earth is being given away on USB stick at today’s Berkeley Square event. We at G&T have no idea of the nature of the footage included – we’re not watching it – but at five minutes, it’s reasonable to assume that it may consist of entire scenes from the specials.

    While we’ve generally held the attitude over the last couple of months that anything put ‘out there’ by Dave or GNP is fair game for coverage (although we do hide stuff behind spoiler warnings), in this instance, we think it’s reasonable that our readers (not to mention ourselves!) should have the opportunity to watch the specials without having entire scenes described in detail. By the same token, however, we don’t want to stop people from discussing what they’ve seen, particularly when the footage inevitably ends up on Youtube!

    Therefore, we are designating ONE thread, and ONE THREAD ONLY for discussion of the USB stick footage – it’s on the front page, and you can find it here. Readers who don’t want anything spoiling can simply avoid this thread. ANY post ANYWHERE else on the site that makes reference to previously-unseen material featured on the stick will be deleted INSTANTLY – and repeat offenders will have their account blocked until after the broadcast of all three specials.

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