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    Has it been a while since you red the novels, you’ve never red the novels, or you’d like to improve your recall of novel-specific things and variants, and you need a school-style excuse to do any of the above?

    I thought it might be productive if we read maybe several chapters a week of the first novel or a lesser-read Red – whatever’s your poison – and appreciate/disparage the fucking heck out of it in granular detail. (I won’t rest until the first novel’s on the National Curriculum where it belongs).

    Is anyone interested? It’d be as low commitment as possible without being frustratingly slow, since everybody’s got stuff to be getting on with. I’m only a few chapters into the new Philip Pullman book, to choose one of the less pressing examples from my own life.

    For example, my ebook of Red Dwarf (a.k.a. ‘A New Hope’) is 450 pages long, so the reading could be about 45 pages per week (5-8 chapters, or about a chapter per day) over 10 weeks. Things you found noteworthy from those chapters talked about at your own pace in the week, as you can be bothered to, until the topic moves on to the next batch of chapters the next week.

    This isn’t going to work, is it? That’s the spirit! Just say ‘no’ or don’t reply so it’s a bit awkward and I’ll get back to Pullman and those other responsibilities.



    I’d quite like this, but I’d need to track down my copies of the novels as I think they’re all languishing in my loft at the moment.



    The unabridged Chris Barrie audiobooks are probably still on YouTube, but that format isn’t always convenient or to everyone’s taste.

    It looks like IWCD (if I must call it that) serialises nicely into 9 x 50-page-ish ‘episodes.’



    I only recently re-read the novels earlier this year, and spurted all my comments into the Discord. Admittedly at the time you’d taken a sabatical.

    It would defo be interesting to see people discussing the books at the same pace though.



    I mainly just fancy reading the first one again and to encourage more people to do so, since last time I read it (first time as an adult, maybe), I was blown away by how good it was. And it’s not right that I can practically screen series VIII episodes in my mind verbatim but have to look up half-remembered references from the novel. Not right at all.

    If someone says they want to read Backwards, I could go with Backwards. But I’d be thinking of IWCD.



    It would be IWCD that I’d want to do.



    Alright then, if anyone fancies reading some Red Dwarf and wants to mention anything they found interesting or weird, this week (incl. weekend) we can try

    Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, Part One, Chapters 1-6

    Subject to adjustment/cancellation (maybe it should be more?) If this gets no momentum at all, just read and enjoy in private at your own pace some time.



    You should start with Backwards and read them in reverse order so it all makes much more sense.



    I’d be up for this. I’ve never read the books so it gives me a good reason to do so.



    Is this an appropriate place to complain that I can’t buy IWCD for my kindle in English but apparently can in Spanish or German? No? Ok I won’t then.




    I own IWCD on iBooks, so an eBook/Kindle version is available, somewhere.
    What’s annoying is that none of the other books are available, so when I did my read through earlier this year, I had to carry paper around like some sort of Charles Dickens character.



    Dick Bush’s five-part saga looks impressive and generous at £0.99 per book until you see they’re only 19 pages long.



    19 pages of smut is enough for 38 wanks … maybe 40 if you get a couple of particularly saucy pages. 99p is a bargain.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    If you can hold off until we get round to it, we’re planning to do this as a series of DwarfCasts at some point…



    19 pages of smut is enough for 38 wanks … maybe 40 if you get a couple of particularly saucy pages

    The original script for Marooned, there.


    International Debris

    Unfortunately, I’m a book-gobbler, and there’s no way I could stick to 50 pages at a time and actually enjoy it, I don’t think. I could TRY, though.
    But I’m interested to see how this comes together with the Dwarfcasts.



    we’re planning to do this as a series of DwarfCasts at some point

    That sounds better, the books (especially the first) definitely deserve more focus as some of the best Red Dwarf. 2020, it’s on 2020’s annual goal list.



    Did Symes reply to Warbodog or quinn_drummer there?





    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    I’ll leave this ambiguous so as not to reveal absolutely all our plans.


    Pete Part Three

    Who said that?



    You big cock tease Ian

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