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    I bought the season pass hoping to get these extras, but since the monumental cock-up, when they got released on the platform early, they were taken down, but as of yet still have not returned.

    Does anyone have any idea what the deal is? Apple support is predictably useless, and TOS doesn’t seem to reply to tweets or e-mails.

    Seb Patrick

    >TOS doesn’t seem to reply to tweets or e-mails

    Well, this is a bit unfair. Firstly, we do reply to tweet queries where we can, but we get a lot, so they’re easy to miss in isolation (and unless I’m much mistaken, scouring the replies column I can’t see this being something you’ve asked several times and been ignored). Also, in some cases, we simply don’t have the answer.

    This is one such case: GNP don’t handle the distribution of the episodes on digital media, so we don’t know why it’s the case that these aren’t available. I’m sure it’s being looked into by the people who do distribute it, but until it’s sorted out, there’s not much else we can say.


    When you phone apple support is it a scouser? Or are you put on hold by an android?


    I’m glad I got those iTunes extras when I did but I’ll still be getting the DVD someday. Can’t beat the real thing!


    I appreciate it may sound unfair from your perspective, but from the viewpoint of the customer, it isn’t.

    I.e. https://twitter.com/FileTrekker/status/799474183184990209

    etc, – now I appreciate you don’t have time to reply to every tweet necessarily, customer service is via Twitter isn’t a given right I understand, but I was just stating my experience.

    As for the answer, I appreciate it, although as you say it’s in the hands of others, I think it’s safe to assume it’s been forgotten about and they won’t be returning.

    Might want to update the article on the site though, given it miss-sells the iTunes season pass as including these, when it does not.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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