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    Tarka Dal

    I nearly used the subject line ‘Tarka Dal’s Ticket Swap Shop’, but that seemed a tad self promotional.

    So then, my former moderator (not here obv.) self has risen to the surface and I thought perhaps suggesting ONE master ticket swap thread as opposed to lots of little ones. There could then perhaps be one thread each for each of the recording dates. Although clearly that’s for the G&T chaps to decide.

    Anyhow should anyone like the idea I’m happy to create a master list and monitor ticket swaps across all six dates. After all, I used to do this stuff a lot once upon a time.

    Or alternatively as Danny F has already created one specifically for the 16th just delete this post and forget I was even born ;-)

    Seb Patrick

    This is just your first step on the road towards trying to replace me, isn’t it? ISN’T IT?

    Kris Carter

    He’s growing his hair as we speak.

    But then again, aren’t we all, actually?


    I’ll swap an empty sweet wrapper, a screwed up receipt, some fluff from the bottom of my pockets and a small key that doesn’t appear to fit anything for any date. First come first served.

    Tarka Dal

    Sure, I’d love to work for GNP.

    Paul Muller


    Have already mentioned this in the thread below, but I may very well be in a bit of a pickle.

    Have 2 tickets for Dec 16th, which, of course, is the ONE day on which I absolutely have to stay late at work, with little chance of getting out of it.

    If anybody would like to swap 2 of theirs for 2 on the 16th, I will be genuinely massively grateful. Any date would be fine, I’m not fussy at all.

    Please let me know – email: paul_muller@hotmail.co.uk

    Muchos grazias,



    my former moderator (not here obv.) self

    …former? Did you resign from BTLi and forget to tell anyone?

    Tarka Dal

    I’ve moderated in places other than BTLi ;-)

    Resignation wise that was months ago, no one noticed or responded…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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