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    Just got this off another forum…

    Hi everyone.

    Red Dwarf is coming Back to Earth, exclusively on Dave. Fans have endured a 10 year wait to see the return of their favourite show. Now they’re about to receive an online postcard from Dave Lister himself, explaining there has been a last minute problem caused by mixing curry with the communication system. As a result the crew has become separated and are forced to communicate through the website of an unsuspecting individual…

    By registering for email updates fans will receive exclusive content and be able to view the crew’s communications with each other (including an amazingly nifty ‘holo-message’ from Kryten) as the location for their long awaited re-union is gradually revealed…



    I’ll be back later in the week with news of the first video content on the Dave site.



    There are some of us who would like to remain spoiler free.
    Please can you not put a spoiler in the heading.

    … or I’ll set the bunny on you


    My bad! :(

    How the hell do I edit it? There is no “edit” link???

    John Hoare

    Front-paged, and thread closed to keep all comments in one place. Thanks, EvoFan!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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