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    We all know that Danny John-Jules reckons that the only person who could play Lister in an US reboot of Red Dwarf would’ve been the late John Belushi. Now, I don’t know if anyone’s posted a similar thread to this one (frankly, I can’t be arsed finding out), so it just remains for me to ask who YOU think could’ve taken on the iconic characters we all know and love in a North American reboot of Red Dwarf. (Anyone who says the UK cast will not only be disqualified but also publicly shamed for being unoriginal/bloody-minded fuckers.)

    I’ll start. My choices (incorporating both the living and the dead c. 1992 since this is just fantasy and we can imagine whoever we want):

    Lister – Chris Farley (can’t stand his films, but his SNL work proved he was a performer of considerable range)

    Rimmer – David Hyde Pierce (cf. Niles in Frasier: he can master clueless, self-important and cowardly in a single line)

    Cat – Colin McFarlane (he could combine charm and suaveness with a wonderfully self-aware streak; criminally underrated)

    Kryten – Gilda Radner (nervous energy meets dignity on steroids: a true original, and probably the only performer in the history of the universe who could pull off “YOU’RE LYIIIIIIIIIING!” and make it work)

    Holly – David Spade (Holly’s always been sardonic as well as moronic: nothing wrong with an incompetent computer being the biting voice of sanity from time to time)

    So there you go. Over to you.

    Flap Jack

    Eddie Murphy as every character.


    Iteresting choices Manbird here are mine
    I actually enjoy the US pilots mainly for Craig Bierko and of course Robert, I did prefer Anthony Fusco as Rimmer in the second pilot over Chris Eigeman and found nothing outright wrong with Hinton Battle, Jane Leeves and Terry Farrell’s versions (Not a patch on the originals though)

    Lister – John Leguizamo and a bit of an odd one but could be interesting Luis Guzman (I had a hard time with this one as no actors came to mind)

    Rimmer – David Hyde Pierce (I can’t think of anyone other than Manbird’s suggestion)

    Cat (Male) – Chris Rock (I have always thought his performance asRuby Rhod in The Fifth Element had moments rather like Cat)

    Cat (Female) – Vanessa Williams (I liked the idea of making the cat a different character and could see her with the look used by Terry Farrell in the second pilot)

    Kryten – Matt Frewer (I think he may be able to match Bobby’s facial gymnastics and would be used to being under the rubber mask after playing Max Headroom)

    Holly (Male) – Bob Newhart (also a deadpan comic so would have played that well)

    Holly (Female) – Jane Curtin (Dr. Mary Albright from 3rd Rock from the Sun, another deadpan comic who could match Hatties version well)

    Interested to hear everyone else’s suggestions

    Nick R

    Lister – John Leguizamo and a bit of an odd one but could be interesting Luis Guzman (I had a hard time with this one as no actors came to mind)

    Well they both had their own statues.

    Lemming Sunday

    Total fantasy casting as some of these are dead.

    Lister – Going to be boring and agree with John Belushi here. No-one else really comes to mind
    Rimmer – Larry Linville in his prime. He’s got that weaselly cowardly vibe and the self importance too, but you can’t help but feel a bit sorry for him. [Actually, sticking with MASH, McLean Stevenson wouldn’t be a bad Lister]
    Cat- Richard O’Brien, he could pull off the costumes very well or if they have to be American then Taurean Blacque would be interesting. I am not sure if he has done much comedy but he has the required charisma.
    Holly – Jane Curtin again. Good dead pan delivery.
    Kryten – This was a struggle, maybe Martin Short.

    Toxteth O-Grady

    That awkward moment when someone confuses Chris Tucker for Chris Rock.


    That awkward moment when someone confuses Chris Tucker for Chris Rock.

    I am beyond mortified I made that mix up what a total Polaroid Head I am! (I seem to have a blind spot with Chrises I always mix up Chris Pine and Chris Pratt!) A total brain fart moment I am very sorry for this totally stupid mistake!


    i actually quite liked the US cast they went with (especially in the second pilot, the guy who played Rimmer in that was perfect) but for the sake of playing along i’d say have Kevin Meaney as Lister, Steve Hytner as Rimmer, Larry Miller as Holly, and uhhh Eddie Murphy as Cat or something, i dont know. not sure who you could get to play Kryten


    I would pay to see Glenn Howerton play an American Rimmer.


    In a fantasy world…I would say John Candy as Lister, Tom Hanks as Rimmer with Eugene Levy as Holly.

    I may or may nor have watched Splash Reunited Apart recently…

    David Hyde Pierce was a great earlier suggestion though.

    Ben Paddon

    would pay to see Glenn Howerton play an American Rimmer.

    This really would be perfect.

    Dollar Pound

    Lister – Roseanne Barr
    Rimmer – Chevy Chase
    Kryten – John Lithgow
    Cat – Chris Tucker
    Holly – Norm MacDonald

    Plastic Percy

    Danny DeVito as Cat.

    Dollar Pound

    Johnny Vegas as Captain Hollister


    Well, some interesting picks so far I must say. As a US citizen I’m not real sure just what US shows and/or actors you guys may be familiar with but here’s my selections.

    Lister – Dave Chappelle or possibly Matt LeBlanc
    Rimmer – John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox on Scrubs)
    Cat – Richard Pryor. He had the manic energy and the smartassness to pull it off
    Kryton – Phil Silvers
    Holly (male) – Bob Newhart
    Holly (female) – Gracie Allen

    Well, that was a bit easier than I thought it would be actually. My main hold up was Lister to be honest.


    Rob Lowe as Todhunter.


    I think Brad Garrett (the brother in Everybody Loves Raymond) would have made a good Lister. He has that same “slob with hidden depths” feel. What about Martin Kove for Rimmer? He had the same “petty failed military man” feel in the Karate Kid films. And since this is a fantasy how about Prince for Cat and Bryan Cranston (in his nervous Malcolm in the Middle Dad mode) as Kryten.

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