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    To: Vogon Fleet Command:
    From: Pecospete666 Enterprises
    Subject: Shit treatment of American Fans!

    Please install a Intergalactic Exit and Restroom at these coordinates
    Latitude 51.412527 Longitude -0.476551

    I expect to see many drunken Intergalactic travelers pissing on DN Sr & Jr cars

    Grant Naylor Productions Ltd
    Suite 950, Shepperton Studios, Studios Road
    TW17 0QD
    Shepperton (Surrey)
    As per story below

    I have to drink light beer now!
    Not Happy



    Found some Jamesons to ease that Michelobe Amber Ultra light beer. Luck of the Irish
    Still What the Fuck the Aussies get it before Americans?
    I hope theres no World War Three because we are not going to save your ass a third time!
    I!m realy pissed about this.:)


    John Hoare




    What the frack!
    Why are you up at this hour?



    Man what kind of beating did you take wi th that name?



    You moan about us Australian’s getting it before the US as if we should get everything last. There could be a great number of issues as to why the US is getting it late, it could even be down do issues with distribution. If that is the case emailing Grant Naylor Productions won’t do any good because there is little that they could do about it.



    You should get it along with ever body else! It ‘s just it was the US PBS are the ones that saved it back in 1979 you probley not even born then!



    You are correct, I wasn’t born yet



    I have no problem with the Aussie getting it! but give me a brake who’s audience is larger?



    Well as I said, it’s most likely less to do with any decisions made on behalf of Grant Naylor Productions and more issues with distribution or licensing. Red Dwarf was pretty popular here….though I would imagine that the US might have a bigger audience due to population reasons. I guess it’s more how it reads more then what you actually said….disregard what I said.


    Chris Stokes

    The US PBS stations saved Red Dwarf in 1979? Am I reading that right?


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    I’ve a feeling that trying to reason with Pecospete is a waste of time, but why on Earth would GNP deliberately deny Americans the chance to give them money? For every reason under the sun, I’m sure they’d want it to be broadcast and released in the US as soon as possible, and any delay is clearly not the fault of anyone connected to the show.


    Adam Bailey

    Australia is the same dvd region as the UK, so if they don’t release something here around the same time as the UK they will get tons of imports.

    Reading up it seems that Australia is technically a different reason, which is bizarre since I’ve never encountered a British dvd that wouldn’t work here.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    Australia and Europe are different regions, but most UK DVDs tend to be encoded in both Region 2 and 4. I don’t know why.


    Seb Patrick

    Yeah, the RDX DVD is encoded (as I think all the previous ones were – not sure about BTE, mind) in Regions 2 and 4, but there will also then be a separate dedicated R4 release for Australia down the line.

    The US release, meanwhile, is being withheld specifically to annoy fans. Every time someone like pecospete complains here or on TOS, we add another week on.



    Should I go stand in the corner?
    So who makes this decision?
    If it was mine I would want to strike while the iron is hot!
    2013 for release,new people will forget about it! You know our attention span is about 7 days!
    My beef is the over the air broadcasts, and maybe it will never be aired in the US.BTE didn’t
    Now I will go back into my corner!
    Serb were you kindergarten teacher?


    Seb Patrick

    I estimate we’re now looking at December 2016 for a US broadcast. Keep on truckin’!


    Pete Part Three

    >Should I go stand in the corner?

    Only if it stops you typing drivel.







    Maybe I should go into stasis and you can send me a JMC mail pod with the Dvd in it!



    Or maybe WE could go into stasis for three million years. Knowing our luck, you’ll probably be brought back as a hologram…

    I JEST.



    Finally a answer!

    Doug Naylor (@DougRDNaylor)
    10/18/12 9:01 AM
    @pecospete_666 I don’t sell Red Dwarf X to the U.S.- BBCWW do. They’re in talks with various networks. Get tweeting, prove there’s interest

    I call off his intergalatic exit and putting it at the BBCWW



    See it’s BBCWW’s fault……told you that it was out of GNP’s hands



    Why not the various networks that have to buy it? Surely you need to prove the interest to them, and not the people who are already trying to sell it?


    Seb Patrick

    >Finally a answer!

    You mean apart from all the times the same answer was given before that?


    Ben Paddon

    I’m still hoping BBC America pick it up and market the shit out of it.



    >You mean apart from all the times the same answer was given before that?

    Where? I have never seen this answer before!

    The last I saw was PBS release about the same time as UK!

    I have already contacted BBCWW they have a enquire on DVD releases,

    Now I will have to apologise to GNP for my rude posts.




    > Maybe I should go into stasis

    Try a fucking airlock you gibbering hat-wearing spastic.


    Ben Paddon




    DISCLAIMER: The ravings of Pecospete666 does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the average American Red Dwarf fan.



    Pecospete666, you do know that this site isn’t run by GNP, right? So apologising on here is pretty futile. You’ll want to tweet whoever you’ve been rude to and say sorry there.



    He already tweeted Doug directly and had a go at him…



    Exactly, he should apologise to Doug, not just leave it at SORRY GNP on G&T.



    I wasn’t disagreeing, I was pointing out how far this ridiculousness had gone.



    >Try a fucking airlock you gibbering hat-wearing spastic.

    Oh, Mick. I love you!



    >I wasn’t disagreeing, I was pointing out how far this ridiculousness had gone.

    Sorry, I was in mid-argument on facebook when I posted, didn’t mean to let the surliness seep into this. Apologies.



    Hang Him, Hang Him High!

    This post is getting to sound like a Clint Eastwood movie
    I did send DGN a tweet! If you want answers go to the top!
    Now all the Americans know who has control of the show and who to ask when they going to see it,BBCWW. They have contacted me and said I would get an answer in 3 days!
    Some Vogon Poetry for Mick

    Mick Mick you think your such big Prick

    But really your just a little Dick, Mick


    Danny Stephenson

    G&T Admin

    You really ARE a Cliff.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    I nominate this thread for hall of fame status.



    Surely the BBCWW aren’t the ones you want to contact? It’s the American buyers who have the option of buying the show, right?



    This is what they sent

    Your e-mail has been received by 2 Entertain and we are now investigating your enquiry.


    This e-mail (and any attachments) is confidential and may contain personal views which are not the views of the BBC unless specifically stated. If you have received it in error, please delete it from your system. Do not use, copy or disclose the information in any way nor act in reliance on it and notify the sender immediately.
    Please note that the BBC monitors e-mails sent or received. Further communication will signify your consent to this.
    This e-mail has been sent by one of the following wholly-owned subsidiaries of the BBC:

    BBC Worldwide Limited, Registration Number: 1420028 England, Registered Address: BBC Media Centre, 201 Wood Lane, London, W12 7TQ
    2 entertain Limited, Registration Number: 5120809 England, Registered Address: 33 Foley Street, London, W1W 7TL
    2 entertain Video Limited, Registration Number: 1924997 England, Registered Address: 33 Foley Street, London, W1W 7TL
    Demon Music Group Limited Registration Number: 1622224 England, Registered Address: 33 Foley Street, London, W1W 7TL



    And what did you send to them?



    When was RDX going to be shown in the US


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    Why are you asking a DVD distribution company about television broadcasts?



    That was the only acess that came up for BBCWW
    Let see what they say.


    Ben Paddon

    I imagine they’ll tell you to sod off.

    But, y’know. Politely.



    You are right to be upset, PecosPete. It’s appalling. Those of us who live in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand have never had to wait ages to see episodes of Star Trek, Futurama, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, The West Wing, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, ER, etc., or taken a ridiculous extreme Farscape (which ironically Australia waited over a year to see a show that they themselves had made). No, we had American imports transmitted directly into our frontal lobes the instant they left the edit suite.

    Get a grip.

    I’m not suggesting that you should be made to wait just because we have. On the contrary, I genuinely believe these sorts of delays lead to an increase in piracy, but have a bit of humility about it. “Still What the Fuck the Aussies get it before Americans?” Yeah, why not? Because you somehow feel you deserve it more? “I have no problem with the Aussie (sic) getting it! but give me a brake (sic) who’s (sic) audience is larger?” I have absolutely no idea, but I think the Australia and New Zealand both broadcast BBC imports on their main channels therefore giving them a far bigger potential percentage of the audience and maybe even a bigger audience overall than a curio hidden away on a PBS station.

    You should apologise to Doug and Australia if you haven’t already and bring a little silence to this discussion. You have done a very good job of souring the experience of having our favourite TV show back on the air. I look forward to you being a dim and distant memory.

    You should probably worry more about Mitt Romney being elected and dismantling PBS before they have a chance to show Series X at all…



    J.C. famous words



    Danny Stephenson

    G&T Admin

    J.C. famous words




    What a well-rounded rebuttal. (IN CASE PECOSPETE CAN’T TELL, I’M BEING VERY SARCASTIC.)



    Ебать с
    Yebatʹ s

    Verpiss dich

    Разкарай се
    Razkaraĭ se

    Va te faire foutre



    With Population of 23mil vs USA 331 mil it doesn’t take a Einstein o figure that one out!
    Even if 3/10 of a percent of USA watchs its till more than the UK! The USA averages 4 tvs per house hold.What do think Australia’s number is? This shit storm was 3 wk ago,is that how long it takes the internet to get down under?



    You’re a fucking prick.



    That was real adult conversation, what are you 12?
    Did your mommy have to sign a permission slip for you to join the forum?
    At lest Dave Put out some coherent thought!



    Says the one who replied to Dave’s post with “FUCK OFF”. You really are a tiny buffoon.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    I am amused by the phrase “it doesn’t take a Einstein”.



    We could make a bumper sticker out of that.



    >You should get it along with ever body else! It ‘s just it was the US PBS are the ones that saved it back in 1979 you probley not even born then!

    I still can’t fathom what the hell this means.



    You sound like some little girl that had her pig tails pulled?

    Are you a girl?

    This matter was settled by Doug the same day! Why are you trying to make something out of it? Are you TROLLING? Are you a little girl troll?



    That was real adult conversation, what are you 12?
    Did your “mommy” have to sign a permission slip for you to join the forum?



    >At lest Dave Put out some coherent thought!

    “You’re a fucking prick” sounded pretty coherent to me.



    Dave foils murders.
    Pecospete foils hats.
    Everyone else loves Ned Flanders.



    Seb Patrick

    >I am amused by the phrase “it doesn’t take a Einstein”.

    Yeah, brilliant idea, Steinberg.


    Danny Stephenson

    G&T Admin

    This matter was settled by Doug the same day!

    Yes, that was when you decided to badger a DVD distribution arm about TV broadcast releases. You sound like a whiny, stubborn, spoilt 10-year old who feels as though you’re somehow earned a fucking release because you happen to live in a massive country, like it’s your god-given right, and it isn’t. At all.



    Where’s Mick when you need him?


    Ben Paddon

    Is there any particular reason, other than the fact that PecosPete is so preposterous so as to occasionally offer something akin to entertainment, that he hasn’t been shunted off of this site permanently yet? And if not *fist slam* WHY not?



    im wondering how PBS, which frankly is unlikely to be anything other than bonus money to GN productions saved a show 6 years before it was written personally. Especially when they are so desperate to get sounbytes from the cast for pledge week the question of who is carrying whom is still kind of open to debate. Either way who cares, it is not like anyone has been stopped from watching it. Given the current state of world economics perhaps the Australian government owned network was able to find the cash to stump up quicker. The GFC has still barely touched us as yet.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    Is there any particular reason, other than the fact that PecosPete is so preposterous so as to occasionally offer something akin to entertainment, that he hasn’t been shunted off of this site permanently yet? And if not *fist slam* WHY not?

    Because we’ve never banned anyone in ten years, and he’s completely harmless. We don’t have any rules to break.


    Jonathan Capps

    G&T Admin

    We did ban a couple of accounts just before Lemons aired because they were spamming the Let’s Talk About thread with real spoilers, but that was exceptional circumstances.



    I find the most interesting comments Pecospete666 leaves are the ones that end in exclamation marks. I can’t get enough of them.



    Thank you Mr.Symes for being the “voice of reason” in the mobs calling for my head!



    Ben is not a mob.



    Thank you Mr.Symes for being the “voice of reason” in the mobs calling for my head!

    Nobody wants your head (that’s where all this bullshit is coming from).


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    Ben is not a mob.

    Close, though.



    Ah’ I have to pull this knife out of my back,from Benny the BLADE.There thats better,
    GenericTrollGirl your not worth replying to! Are you Mentally Challenged?
    Dave! I do worry about SHIT ROMNEY that maggot will start WWW3! I have already voted for the party of LIGHT by mail!


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    Shush now.



    Why ban anyone anyway (and yeah i hget when peeps are deliberately spoiling there is no time for a long game strategy, and thus unusual responses apply), Ian seems to have a skill that a (now unfortunately long deceased) mate from usenet used to have, the ability to distinguish between annoying and trolling and then, when the genuine troll is identified, to make them pretty much kook out on cue.

    Its what us usenet old codgers used to call troll baiting, lol



    oh pecos i’m gonna disagree directly on one thing, the charachterisation of ben stabbing you in the back is pretty illogical, he did it in a thread you started and you were clearly not yet finished with, there is no going behind your back involoved that I can see.

    Dude if this had just ben a rant done for ironies sake i’d probably be completely on your side. I’m Australian myself and even I get sick of Aussies moaning about getting things last. Frankly if they see that as a major problem in the grand scheme of things then they need to start thinking about appreciating just how blessed their life is at that time.



    I am actually pretty mentally ill. Want to take the piss out of me some more?


    Ben Paddon

    I take it all back. PecosPete a really great guy, isn’t he? I don’t know what we’d do without him!



    I owe my life to him.



    Can’t believe it took 53 minutes for someone to make that joke.



    I owe my life to him.




    In other news, much sympathy for the Yanks facing the effects of Sandy. Fucking awful. The Earth can be a bigger baby than certain forum members.



    On behalf of the majority USA that isn’t all entitlement whorish: *SIGH*

    Yeah, I want it to air here now, too. But unless it’s a USA-made show, we’re not entitled to it before anyone else. (Sure would be nice to get it at the *same time* as everybody else, though.)

    (And yeah, we’ve got worse problems here than lack of Red Dwarf right now. I barely kept the car on the road driving home from work today in the high winds and rain – and I’m just on the edge of the Midwest inland after-effects of the storm. I still have power and can watch my old Dwarf DVDs and plug in my computer and log on to type here, which is more than I can say for several million poor souls east of me. )



    Agreed, Annie. Instead of pissing and moaning about why I don’t have it, I’ve learned with a little patience and perseverance, I still get to watch it eventually. I don’t view the delay as unfair, but just something to be expected. Hell, it’s always been that way for us. Why would RDX be the exception to the rule?



    Plus, I’m lucky enough to have a region-free DVD player. NOVEMBER UK RELEASE, HERE I COME! :-D


    Ben Paddon

    I’m lucky enough to have a Bluray player. So, yes. Result!



    One little tidbit I noticed while reading through recent updates on Robert Llewelyns site was an entry from the start of this year which mentions PBS will be broadcasting the series in terms which suggest he regarded that as a certainty.

    So one possibility we may have overlooked here, to some extent, is that the deal may very well already be done and might have included clauses about announcement rights. i.e. Grant Naylor productions may have simply agreed to wait till PBS have officially announced it. I’m not saying thats definately what happened but merely suggesting it as a possibility



    Developing this thought, *IF* PBS may well hold the show and hence the announcement until the end of the current election is over so as to lessen the risk of the announcement being buried under breaking news stories



    I would think that if PBS hasn’t announced it yet, they’re holding off until their next membership drive so they can offer the DVD as a perk for donating.



    Are the pledge drives coordinated, then? I thought each station scheduled their own, like with public radio. But if you’re right, that’s an uplifting thought. I’m saluting that one.

    Dave, regarding Romney & Friends dismantling PBS, fortunately that’s something of an urban legend. The worst they can do is eliminate federal funding of it – but that’s only about 15% of total PBS funding.



    PS, glad to see that you all are ok. :)



    Honestly, I don’t know if they are, I couldn’t find anything saying either way. I just know that there are a lot of complaints that the programming is crap lately for the amount of money they’re begging for. PBS is the alternative for those who can’t get BBCA (like me), but even then some people are complaining it’s not much better. *shrug*



    *IF* PBS may well hold the show and hence the announcement until the end of the current election is over so as to lessen the risk of the announcement being buried under breaking news stories

    Political news doesn’t really override entertainment news, even at the peak of the election cycle. They’re different topics covered by different outlets, and the election doesn’t make it any harder for people to learn about new releases from their favorite artists. (Nor does it dissuade anyone from making announcements about upcoming releases.) They’re not competing for the same audience. You won’t find DVD release information dominating and you won’t find breaking election night results on They’re totally separate news cycles.

    Outside of outlets already dedicated to this sort of thing, the public television syndication of the tenth series of a relatively niche import would never rate a mention on even the slowest of news days. It’s not a case of minimizing the “risk” of being buried. If you put it in the right places, the right people will find it, and that’s how it would be no matter what the geopolitical climate happened to be. I’d be genuinely shocked if the election had anything (or could have anything) to do with it.



    In my search for the elusive RDX broadcast in the USA I was told unofficially PBS spent their wad on Downton Abbey and could not afford to buy it this year! BBC America is the last hope!



    Yeah, good luck with that. We can’t even get it shown on BBC Britain.



    BBC America and Dave are both owned by BBC Worldwide.



    You know that, and I know that, but you didn’t have to let every fucker know.

    Meh. Details.



    I can’t blame PBS for not picking it up, or doing it yet. I don’t think it will be a national show, but will probably be available, eventually, on regional PBS stations on a station-by-station basis. PBS, with looming threat of budget cuts, needs to prioritize. Downton Abbey has a ton of acclaim, huge ratings and a unique selling point. Plus, with ITV as a major backer, it can fulfill its Masterpiece Theatre obligations the wealthy donors associate with quality. Red Dwarf doesn’t fit in that category, sadly, and will probably fall into a regional pattern (my West Virginia PBS has a block of the classics).

    If this was going to happen, the DVD wouldn’t be available before the airdate.

    BBC America won’t run it because it isn’t such a good fit for them. Sure, they’ve got Doctor Who and run it endlessly, but the look of the series hasn’t dated it to be much of a problem. They scrapped older, classic comedies a long time ago. Even though Sci-Fi is big for the network, a show with a lot of backstory may not be as easy to pick up on (Doctor Who nowadays is written for every episode to be a jumping-on point).

    I may be flamed for this, but Red Dwarf has been too irregular, at this point, to invest a lot of marketing money in and get a return on investment.

    The sad thing is nothing could be worked out with Netflix, Hulu, etc – or some kind of an outlet that could show it (like The Thick Of It has here recently) which would deter the urge to watch it online before the DVD release.



    “Irregular” is a good euphemism and I don’t think you’ll get flamed for that one here. The question is to what extent your best-case scenario will pan out. How many stations will pick it up? The stalwarts, San Jose and Seattle, probably will, eventually. My local station, like yours, has a block of the classic comedies, and we have another independent, non-PBS station that shows more recent stuff like New Tricks and MI-5. But where in the past, these two stations have responded to my e-mails with a pleasant “thank you” and “we will consider your program request along with the million others we receive,” I’ve heard nothing yet from either of them.

    On the other hand, Annie and Blisschick are right that these stations are very slow on the uptake and it would be in character for them to decide to broadcast Series X long after it’s no longer a hot topic in England.

    BTW, what is Downton Abbey’s unique selling point? Pardon my ignorance, but I thought it was the same as Upstairs Downstairs’s unique selling point.



    It’s a glorified soap opera that doesn’t have many of the same barriers as others. It’s something decadent that they can indulge in and have that image of days and societies past. It’s polished, too, with some often beautiful scenery. Same reason the Royal Wedding is blasted everywhere here and Matt Lauer loses his mind.



    Also, it’s something completely different from anything on TV over here right now.



    My poll I did to see how many people were interested in RDX in the USA, 84 people out of 3000 looked at my post for the release date. So Doug was right in his post when he said prove there is an interested for the show. 84 is 2.4% So I do not expect to see it broadcast at all. Thanks to GNP for not taking it off Youtube I get to see it a few hours later.Will be buying 10 DVDs for late Xmas presents for the Cow Girls.



    >So I do not expect to see it broadcast at all.

    Don’t give up yet, trends emerge and change at the drop of a hat these days.

    BTW, did your station pick up Back to Earth?



    Mine never did. :(



    No! found out from Amazon



    They have also disappeared from Netflix. The entire I-BTE were on there, but leading into this new series they’ve disappeared. They’re still available on Netflix, with everything free to Prime users. No skin off my nose as I own all the DVDs, but still.


    Ben Paddon

    Worth noting that Netflix had the Remastered versions of I-III. No idea why the show vanished entirely, but I suspect (I hope!) it’ll be back in the new year.



    I’ve seen Netflix do that with a few other series and movies I’ve watched. I’m not sure if it has something to do with licensing or what. It is weird that they come and go like that.



    Mine never broadcast BtE either, though they broadcast I – VIII. I found out about it on YouTube. *blush* I wonder which PBS stations did broadcast it? I thought that kind of data would be on TOS, but I didn’t find it there.



    > Where’s Mick when you need him?

    Usually in the fetal position weeping like a small girl.


    Seb Patrick

    It’s worth pointing out that we do maintain a page on TOS listing the various places where you can get the show On Demand:

    It’s as up-to-date as we can keep it, although obviously we’re often reliant on people informing us when things change. RD disappeared from USian Netflix earlier this year – still not entirely sure why, but it’s still on the UK one, and there are at least a few other US options at the moment…

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