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    I never really thought about it, but I know I had a sense of potentially endless replaceable Starbugs before we saw the fleet in VIII.

    I remember first seeing that Psirens “crashed more times than a ZX81” line as the caption to a Starbug pic in either the Programme Guide or a Smegazine, and I interpreted it as a dig about all the Starbugs they get through. I didn’t see the episode until a couple of years later, where the line’s specifically about the VI ‘Bug and how hard-wearing it is, so different from what I was thinking.


    I assumed at least a couple were left behind, particularly the Backwards one and the completely fucked one in Bodyswap. There are obviously more Starbugs than just one, given that there are two in those particular episodes.

    Ben Saunders

    I’m certain they leave behind the Marooned one as well.


    And in Terrorform.


    i think it’s mentioned as early as Backwards that there’s multiple Starbugs, isn’t it? Kryten mentions he took all his flying lessons in “Starbug 2” and so isn’t used to the controls in Starbug 1.


    I think the question is at what point we found out there were more than two, ie. an entire fleet of them – like you say, there have been at least two ever since the ship was introduced.


    Well they got rid of the landing pad shot at the end of series 7 so in the series 8 redo of that sequence they show 5 starbugs in a row just to show us there isn’t just one.

    Me Own Stunts

    > there have been at least two ever since the ship was introduced.

    I’ve never doubted this. The presence of the number 1 and 2 on various model shots also conveyed that there were at least 2. I just never imagined that there was a much more vast supply, and that whenever they crashed a Starbug they simply abandoned it, got another Starbug off the rack and painted that replacement with STARBUG 1.

    I think I just prefer the sense of continuity of them using mostly one Starbug, and that when it crashed they restored and repaired it offscreen. It’s not a big deal, but it’s what I assumed and took for granted. When there were loads of Starbugs and Blue Midgets at the end of series 8 I put it down to series 8 being shit.


    I fall somewhere between the two camps: I always assumed they probably had a few of each – a ship that size, they’ve got to have more than three shuttle craft – but the amount seen in Only the Good… doesn’t work for me either.

    That said, you’d imagine there would be regulations about lifeboats in order to get everybody off the ship.

    Plastic Percy

    <<Off the top of my head there’s Backwards, Marooned, Bodyswap, Terrorform, Out Of Time, Back In The Red Part Oneā€¦>>

    That’s the five I’m counting, as the others we see them repaired and made to fly again. As stated, Out of Time doesn’t really count as the timeline is undone and it and the crew are restored in Tikka to Ride.

    <<That said, you’d imagine there would be regulations about lifeboats in order to get everybody off the ship.>>

    Apparently not, given they have to abandon the inmates on Floor 13.


    I think it’s fair to say Rog and Doub really should have written the JMC operations and regulations manual before starting to write the show itself, it would have saved them from making all these mistakes.


    I can’t take this ambiguity. I’m going to track down Starbug and tell him I’m never watching Red Dwarf again.

Viewing 12 posts - 101 through 112 (of 112 total)
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