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    In the Universe Challenge special, Bamber Gascoigne stated that Oasis, Bill Clinton, Madonna and Rupert Murdoch had all revealed at some point to be fans of Red Dwarf. Can anybody here actually provide a source to confirm this?

    The only source I can find is from 2000, when it was revealed that Madonna, alongside Jackie Chan, were “on board” to make cameo appearances in the Red Dwarf Movie (http://cinema.com/news/item/599/red-dwarf-call-in-madonna-for-film.phtml) but this doesn’t suggest whether she actually liked the show or not.


    I bet Rupert Murdoch doesn’t like Red Dwarf now since Cured


    I must have watched every Oasis interview out there and Red Dwarf has never been mentioned. Gerard from My Chemical Romance loved it which is why I bought The Black Parade.


    Wasn’t Elton John meant to have been a fan as well? I remember Matt Lucas playing him in a sketch and there was a joke about his rider including a complete set of Red Dwarf videos including Smeg Ups. Something like that. I feel as though I’d already heard he was a fan before that though. (And I’m not thinking of the Rock Profile where he lists owning all the Blackadders on video as one of his ambitions, or the Little Britain sketch where the hypnotist is selling both Red Dwarf and Blackadder videos at a car boot sale.)


    It’s probably more than likely that Matt Lucas is a Red Dwarf fan and applies that to Elton John to be funny. Though of course also possible Elton is a fan

    Toxteth O-Grady

    Noel Gallagher’s taste in TV…

    Loves: Seinfeld
    Hates: The Inbetweeners
    His opinion on Red Dwarf: TBC

    Plastic Percy

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they meant Paul McGuigan. The ‘Supersonic’ documentary reveals that his biggest passions were football, cricket, getting stoned and watching ‘Doctor Who’.

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