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    For anyone wanting to see scenes from Blade Runner that were referenced in BTE Part 2. Here are 4 of them.

    The Esper machine – referenced in a scene in the comic store

    “I just do eyes” – Basis for the scene with Swallow


    There are 3 references to origami animals in blade runner – There are 2 references to origami animals in part two.

    At one minute 10 seconds is an example of the paper unicorn.


    If you dont want to see the end of the movie clip though here is a display of the prop design.

    Where as parts of this are in the opening titles and are to be referenced in part three.

    The chase scene



    So will this get referenced too? Time to die? Or has it already been referenced in
    part one? with the cat dripping water on to lister during the grave scene?

    Tears in the rain


    Thank you so much for this! Now i’ve seen them i feel like i understand it a bit better now.

    Mr Flibble

    Yes, thanks Jonsmad! Now it’s all beginning to make sense…


    Remember the clips in the title sequence of a rather elegant bedroom, candles, etc ?
    (like this pic http://www.radiotimes.com/content/features/galleries/red-dwarf-behind-the-scenes/07/)

    I’ll bet it’s connected to this scene in Tyrell’s bedroom, when Roy confronts Tyrell


    Thanks Hummingbird. That links up with cat’s line and the dvd blurb they read.


    You know, I understand that maybe it’s considered a sci-fi classic, but I’ve never seen Blade Runner… a lot of Red Dwarf fans, I’d venture, have never seen Blade Runner… and its decades old too. What a strange reference to base a whole three-part episode around.

    If it was ONE episode of a 6 or 8 episode series, then fine. Even if the references were heavy handed.

    I’m just glad that Pt 1 steered quite clear of that territory. For me, Pt 1 represents an evolution of Dwarf that I want a piece of. I’d like to see more just like it (but longer, and self-contained). Pt 2 represents something I’m not quite getting… I often worry about certain episodes of Dwarf alienating casual viewers due to back referencing and running gags… but I never expected to be alienated as a viewer myself, as an actual Red Dwarf fan!

    And I havn’t seen Alien, or Casablanca, or most of the other films referenced over the years either, yet it was still accessible to me. BtE Pt 2… not so much.

    I still liked the character stuff… Cat crying made me laugh… some of the sci-fi in-jokes were great… whatever you may say about the subtext of Rimmer killing Katerina, it was still a well-timed sight gag… the scene with the kids on the bus which harked us back to some actual Red Dwarf developments rather than a Blade Runner spoof, I am actually interested in the background of Kochanski’s death/disappearance as a result… Carbug would have been more amusing if we hadn’t seen it already, but no doubt got a big laugh from those who have avoided ALL spoilers and details in the run up to the new episodes…

    I think for me, take away the most blatant Blade Runner stuff, and Pt 2 was a great episode…

    Seb Patrick

    maybe it?s considered a sci-fi classic

    No “maybe” about it, sir. Also, not just a sci-fi classic. A genre-transcending and incredibly significant moment in the history of cinema,

    and its decades old too. What a strange reference to base a whole three-part episode around.

    … except it’s one of the most influential films of all time, and it’s been a clear influence on Dwarf in the past. I defy ANYONE who’s seen the film to read IWCD and not picture it during the Mimas scenes…


    The Mimas scenes, however, work just fine within the universe of Dwarf whether or not you have the BR-knowledge to assist in visualization. I’m assuming Carl doesn’t feel that BtE offered the same courtesy.


    The above video link to the paper unicorn clip in the movie also shows the character of Rachel which is the hairstyle that Kochanski has when she appears in part three. If anyone wants to compare the look briefly who hasnt seen Rachel before.


    There was also a nod to the quite dreadful ‘happy ending’ in the original theatrical release



    And “Time to die” did indeed get quoted in part three.


    > And ?Time to die? did indeed get quoted in part three.

    I’m glad that was as far as homaging/parodying the tears in rain sequence went, though.


    >I?m just glad that Pt 1 steered quite clear of that territory.

    Thing is, if you haven’t seen Bladerunner, it shouldn’t spoil the plot of BtE. Seeing it certainly adds something though.


    I’m finally watching Blade Runner now [got a HD DVD copy for 3 quid new], and regarding part one of BtE, the opening camera shot closing in on Lister through the ship’s window, is very very similar to the opening shot which closes in on the window in the Tyrell building.

    So even slight things like that have been thought about.

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