More details have finally emerged from Eureka Video about Brittas Series Four. Firstly, we have the cover; the picture is quite amusing, and certainly better than that for the two and three releases; but I do wish they’d stop using those awful fonts for the “starring” credit and the “complete” tagline at the bottom. Still, they seem to have bypassed the expected cream look, and have leapt straight to Series V. Ahem.

The release date has now been confirmed as the 12th July; the certificate is PG. We’ve not seen anything for it on the BBFC yet; it’s probably still to come, although it has been a bit odd recently. If anyone spots the RD IV menus, let us know…

As for extras; well, let’s take these one at a time, shall we?

  • Photo Gallery: Probably unexciting, but nice to have.
  • Weblink: OH FUCK OFF.
  • Outtakes: Yes. Outtakes. Cum flying everywhere, frankly. This is the kind of thing we’ve been waiting for…

As for the series itself, there are eight glorious episodes; see our guide for more details. High Noon is one of the best episodes of anything ever.

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