Round-up time. Something substantial tomorrow, hopefully, including the Newsround.

It’s crappy movie rumour of the month:

Monday 26th April 2004: Red Dwarf: The Movie Update:
Just received word that Red Dwarf creators Doug Naylor and Rob Grant will have cameo appearances in the movie. Also signed up for small roles are former Kryten Actor David Ross and former Holly Actress Hattie Hayridge.

I perhaps could have entertained the possibility of the other three (especially Hattie), but surely the Rob Grant one is a load of bollocks? Besides:

<IanIanSymes> I don't trust any source that thinks "actor"
is a proper noun.
<mumoss> And I don't trust any site that gives Rob Grant as a

Oh dear. Well, we have to cover this one, I suppose. The White Hole has had to remove all its downloads; read their news article for the full story, and see this NOTBBC thread for further discussion. Not that we’re trying to avoid bringing up another argument on this site. Honest. Wah, wah, wah.

Oh, and apparently Janet Street-Porter brought Red Dwarf to the BBC. And here was me thinking it was Peter Ridsdale Scott, with the only contribution Janet making is being silly over Gunmen.

And finally, thanks to Tanya, for pointing us towards how much Chris Barrie earns for after-dinner speaking. He would appear to be in the First Division of £5000 – £9000; lower than Jeremy Clarkson. But at least higher than Eddie Large.

Oh, and really finally, some late-breaking news from Austin Ross:

<mumoss> Oh: the movie crew page on TOS has to change at
some point this month...
<Austin> Unless Doug has bought both a rabbit and a large hat,
and thought of putting the two together.
<Austin> And then taking them apart, obviously.
<Austin> Well, taking the rabbit out of the hat. If he took a
rabbit apart, I don't think I'd like him anymore.

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