Ooooh. Apparently, this isn’t just buggering around; there will now be Dwarf news on the site, as well as articles. This is good, as I haven’t had as much time to devote to hunting news out recently (and neither has RDZ). There’s also going to be a Media section. Let’s hope the same fate doesn’t befall it as what happened to The White Hole’s download section; but the fact the files will be on rotation should help to some extent.

Now, write that article on the Japanese DVDs, you cunt.

For our part, we’ve yet again been extremely lazy on the articles front recently. But I’ll write an article today, and Ian’ll have his Brittas 4 and 5 DVD reviews up soon. And if Play are lovely and gorgeous, there will be a Just The Shows review up on Saturday.

Oh, and there’s something rather special up our sleeves. I’ve just got to, you know, do it and stuff. YES, IT’S THE SCRIPT FOR EARTH. AHAHAHAHAHA, GNP. HONEST.

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