Red Dwarf VI menu shot.Fuck me! A veritable cornucopia of updates on TOS this week. And Ian’s in the pub ALL DAY and is missing it. Ho!

So: Red Dwarf VI menu shots. We all knew it was going to be Starbug , but isn’t it just… GORGEOUS? Note the guitar snapped in half. Excellent. Here’s a trivia question for you then: which is the only actual episode to show the cockpit at this angle?

Oh, and I’ve found the hidden egg on the page; but it’s actually very well hidden, so I won’t ruin it for everyone. View Source is your friend, however. It’s luvverly, too.

Onto Playset news, then – it’s avaliable! And indeed, some people have already got theirs. Mine is now SHIPPING, along with the Corgi models, so there will be a review soon. And they really shouldn’t have given us ideas about producing “fan films featuring Starbug model shots”.

But then, we all knew about the Playset. What’s a lovely surprise is these – released on the 31st January. Lovely – and apparently “Both shirts are top-class Fruit of the Loom, and the logos and quotes are beautifully embroidered”. I shall point these facts out to anyone who calls me a geek in the street.

We’re also told that the shop’s new lease of life was “kicked off by a shot in the arm from new management”. Excellent. Ellard said recently on the TOS Webboard that “The UK store really has completely turned around, at last – DVDs on the Saturday before release, orders fulfilled and arriving next-day. It’s finally the shop we all deserve.” What with this and me being a cunt about Play, I might even start being nice about them.

There’s also the usual aren’t we great bit about the Series V DVD; not that it isn’t fully justified. Although they’re far too nice about Sci-Fi Online’s review. Hooray for loads of mentions of the fansites! As for G&T’s mention – it looks like we’re back in GNP’s good books again. So I immediately demand all rushes for each episode to be on the VII/VIII DVDs, and if all the unused scripts for Dwarf aren’t published on TOS by the end of January, there will be trouble. Oh, and Andrew Ellard smells.

Incidentally, I must apologise for not mentioning any of the other fansite reviews of the DVD; I’ve been saving it up for a big article about loads of different website reviews. Hopefully it should be up this weekend – along with Ian’s Proper Academic Text.

Finally, there’s an update on the Cancer Research auction – with Rimmer on the toilet gaining £3026. The words Rimmer and toilet, there. Amusingly, the guns had to be pulled from the eBay auction. At least, I think it’s amusing, but I simply can’t think of a gag to finish off this sentence. So I’ll just leave it.

Sadly, TOS’s next update is January 7th (oh, I love the little Flibble piccies) – still, you can stare at the Christmas lights until then. We’ll be updating over the Christmas holidays though – probably more than usual, as I HATE SOCIALISING.

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