Spitting Image on DVD!

An Image of some Spitting.An interesting one, this. Phil has sent us an interesting link to a site which is selling 1986/1987 episodes of Spitting Image. However, it’s not an official release – the front page of the site offers the usual collector’s disclaimers.

I’ll leave it up to you to discuss the morals of buying these or not; I have very mixed feelings. (That’s genuine mixed feelings; not a codeword for saying I disagree with it.) Either way, let’s hope Spitting Image gets a proper DVD release at some point – although I suspect it’d be a Best Of if anything, which would be a bit of a shame. (Although releasing them all is probably impossible, with 146 episodes. Oh, and a bias against topical shows.)

Either way, has anyone heard anything about the planned revival of the show? Of course, the ideal situation is if this happens, and ITV3 starts a repeat of the old shows from the beginning…

Fuck off Granada Plus closing down fuck.

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  1. “An Image of some Spitting.”


  2. The Daily Show is releasing a best of DVD with all the best bits since Jon Stewart took over as host. If that sells well enough maybe other, ‘topical’ shows will get releases.

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