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Following another ludicrous “TEH MOVIE WILL NOT HAPPEN DWARD IS DEAD GIVE UP” post on the Webboard, Mr. Ellard (he needs a nickname, you know. How about… how about Big Man?) posted the following:

You know what I love about the Dwarf fan base? The
heavy-duty hardcore? The vocal net people who
always seem to reveal on a Tuesday what
will be posting on a Friday?

It’s that when we do something we expect everyone
will notice, they never see it. When a line changes in
a news article, or the FAQ, young Symes is all over it.
(And good for him!) But when we anticipate uproar,
nobody clocks what we’ve done.


Like what? Oh, I dunno…maybe, just, y’know, for
example, the change of IMDb details for the Dwarf
film, mirrored in the crew roster on the movie page.
Or the removal of Doug’s DJ statement from the

Could anything be going on there…? ;-)

So, let’s do some investigating. Firstly: Doug’s DJ statement? Yep, that’s gone for a burton.

Now, annoyingly, the Web Archive hasn’t archived old versions of either the Crew Roster or Movie IMDB page. However, we’re pretty sure that Joseph D’Morais as Producer, Michael Rumpf as Production Designer, and Mike Seymour as Visual Effects guy are new. Along with the company Red Dwarf Films Co Ltd – which indeed replaces the huge bollocks list of production partners listed before.

So, what does this mean? Well, at the very least it means a new production team has been put together. And to me, it also suggests that funding is imminent. Is it too much to hope for an announcement either this Friday, or at DJ?

Well, I’m excited…

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  • I know that Doug’s DJ statement was still online very recently, as I re-read it a couple of weeks ago. If all this stuff has happened recently, which Ellards implies, then we should expect to hear something fairly soon.

    It would be *impeccable* timing if something happened at DJ.

  • This was indeed an interesting post, and it’s unlike Andrew to respond to a thread/post so long after it’s been made (9/08). The very fact wording has changed on imdb and the crew roster suggests movement which has to be good. whilst a tad cryptic perhaps, I have a feeling things are getting close and this post may have been a hint prior to an official announcement simply because the powers that be expect a leak or flurry of information, possibly before an official announcement can be made. After all the effort that’s been put in by GNP err Red Dwarf Films Co it would be a shame if they end up losing the news to someone else. Then again I may be reading far too much into it once more. (Is getting excited and would love to tell the ‘It aint going to happen’ brigade to go **** themselves).
    It could also explain the sudden surge of Dwarf collectables!

  • > This was indeed an interesting post, and it’s unlike Andrew to respond to a thread/post so long after it’s been made

    Almost as if he’s deliberately trying to whip up some hype. Hook, line, sinker, rod and copy of Angling Times, sir.

  • Seeing the words ‘Movie’ and ‘news’ close together does strange things to the mind… Are the words ‘Imminent DJ Announcement’ jumping the gun, ya think? *Remembers not to hold breath over anything regarding the Movie*……

    Actually, a short while ago whilst looking at Dwarf’s imdb entry (when proving to someone that the woman from ‘Touching Evil’ was down for the role of Nirvanah) I did notice ‘Red Dwarf Films Co. Ltd.’ but thought it was probably made up because imdb is full of so much bullshit most of the time, especially regarding things that haven’t had official announcements about cast/crew etc. Also, looking at it now, the writing credits might have been altered slightly. Now it says Rob Grant – characters, Doug Naylor – characters, Doug Naylor – screenplay. I thought it just said Rob and Doug and nothing more before. Don’t know. The effects guy’s definitely changed. But what does it all meeeeeean?????

  • Anyway, there’s no way Craig’s gonna be doing this now, unless he gets months off Coronation Street or leaves. He is, after all, now ‘that bloke off Corrie’ rather than ‘that bloke off Robot Wars’……..

  • >Well, if he keeps on turning up on set hungover and picking fights with people, he won’t be on the show much longer…

    I don’t know, he got through VIII series of Dwarf like that…

  • What puzzles me is *why* the DJ statement has been taken down, and why now? OK, it was hideously out of date and retrospectively inaccurate, in terms of the message that “things are going to happen within weeks of DJ”, but why not leave it up as a document of the status as was in June 2004?

    Hopefully all will be explained soon. Because rest assured, I will fill Andrew Ellard with any drug I can lay my hands on, legal or otherwise, in order to get information out of him this weekend…

  • You shouldn’t have put the link to the statement because every time I see it I just have to read it all the way through again, I can’t help it, even though it doesn’t mean much anymore!

  • ‘The statement is still up here. Come on, young Ellard.’

    It appears the wily L has proceeded to delete it at that link as well.

  • I’ve saved a copy, but won’t be distrubiting it. GNP obviously want it down for a reason. Besides which, I’m sure it’ll reappear in the fullness of time.

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