KRYTEN: Well, basically it appears to be a device that converts an individual into digital information and then transmits him as light beams to another point in space. Essentially it’s a matter transporter. It’s pretty neat.

Yep, sounds pretty neat…

KRYTEN: Well, several according to the paddle’s scanners, but the most interesting prospect appears to be 200,000 light years away. In the normal course of things it would take Starbug several billion years to reach it.

LISTER: It wouldn’t be so bad – Rimmer could finish his Risk story.

KRYTEN: Traveling subspace via the paddle we would reach it almost instantaneously.

Travelling subspace now? That’s convenient – if we’d been travelling as light beams as mentioned previously, it would have taken, erm, 200,000 years to get there…

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  • The great thing about Dwarf is that you just buy the science anyway, unless you anally analyse it (or ‘anal-yse’ it). There’s only been a couple of moments in all 8 series where watching it I’ve thought ‘hang on a minute…’, and one of those is in Tikka but I won’t go into it again, it’s been discussed to death.

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