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There are several rumors making the rounds that Don Warrington has been cast in the role of “The President” in the two-part Cybermen story in the new season, though this has not been confirmed. Warrington has previously played the role of Rassilon, founder of Time Lord society, for Big Finish’s audio plays and has been seen in numerous films and television series. More details soon…

Excellent! Don Warrington with a chance to be the best fictional black President since Dennis Haysbert in 24, there. Pay attention, America, *these* are the men you should have running government. Dennis and Don; together they fight crime.

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  • This might not actually be the role of the American President, but the President of Cybus, the company that’s supposedly producing Cybermen. Of course, that’s probably wrong. It would be good if the U.S. was involved in this story because then the Cybermen aren’t just threatening Cardiff or London… If he is the U.S. President then it’s Russell T Davies trying to be controversial again (even though he isn’t writing the eps he will have come up with the characters) or trying to get across more clearly that it’s an alternate reality.

    Morgan Freeman made a cool black president in Deep Impact. Why can’t someone like him be president in reality instead of who we have? Oh yeah…it’s ’cause his family isn’t riddled with middle American aristocratic and Saudi connections. I suppose there’d never be a black American president because that doesn’t appeal to the only voters that matter – the white middle American moneymen…

  • David Palmer didn’t *need* balls. That was his strength. He had heart and (mostly) integrity and other people around him to provide the balls. So to speak.

    And, monkey you have a point, it’s probably wont be US Pres. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that.

  • So you’re in favour of ‘puppets’ who are controlled by other people? (Novak, Sherri etc).

    That’s what I didn’t like it when they brought Palmer into season four. Aside from the illogical nature (helping out the government that opposed him and then replaced him?!), he was presented as ‘the man who got things done’ rather than ‘the man who was bullied into decisions by other people’.

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