Hey, look! It’s a regional newspaper writing an article about a SF convention! Now, let’s play a game. Which SF quote will they use in the first paragraph? Have a think for all of HALF A SECOND, and then see if you were right:

“They are to boldly go where no sci-fan has gone before – at least not for the past 12 years.”

Christ. They even get a mention of speaking Klingon in at the end. To be fair, the article itself isn’t bad, and is pretty inoffensive – but this kind of lazy journalistic shorthand irritates the fuck out of me.

Anyway, yeah. The basic facts, then: it’s the Cult TV Festival, it’s on between the 20th-23rd October, it’s at the Seacroft Holiday Village in Norfolk, it costs £99 an adult for the three days (not including accommodation), and Norm’s there, amongst others. Including Richard Gibson, who was Herr Flick in ‘Allo ‘Allo! Excellent.

When you sign up for the thing, you get a chance to vote in their awards that they announce at the festival – I hope anyone here going will use their “DVD Presentation of the Year” vote wisely. Because, whether you like the episodes or not, VII thoroughly deserves to win.

Oddly enough, it’s also their 13th festival this year too. Anyway, why not go along and hear Norman Lovett call Sorry! “pitiful” when it’s clearly anything but if you’ve actually watched it for more than one minute, and slag off Ronnie Corbett for having no talent and relying on Ronnie Barker when he’s clearly half of what makes The Two Ronnies actually work?

Two rants in an article about something most people would think relatively innocuous? I’m turning into Norm. Only not actually funny. Shit.

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  • > Norman Lovett call Sorry! “pitiful” when it’s clearly anything but if you’ve actually watched it for more than one minute

    Obviously some people watched it for 42 x 30 minutes (plus a short special). It AMAZES me how long some of these shows lasted. Like ‘Love Thy Neighbour’, which had more episodes than Dwarf, I haven’t seen a single one but I just KNOW somehow that most of the eps will be mediocre at best, and this is the reason why many shows don’t last long now, because the BBC don’t flog as many dead horses (they don’t flog AS MANY, meaning that they still *My Family* flog *My Hero* some *The Green Green Grass, even though it only has two series it’s been flogged further than Flog It on a night out with Mr. Flog who flogs flags in the town of Flogner*). The fact that there’s going to be a second series of Hyperdrive somehow fits in here somewhere.

    I agree it’s wrong to slag off Ronnie Corbett. He’s just naturally funny.

  • There were seven series of Sorry!. I can’t speak for any episodes from Series 3 onwards – for all I know it went right down the pan, although I suspect it’s unlikely given the continuity of the cast and crew. (They’ve released the first two series on DVD, and then not the rest, which is just *infuriating*.)

    But the twelve episodes I *have* seen are *brilliant*. It’d have to take quite a fucking dip…

  • They even get a mention of speaking Klingon in at the end.

    You know…I’ve been an SF fan for as long as I can remember. A devoted one, too; hell, I subscribe to SF magazines. I read critical essays about the genre and I’ve written a few, too.

    But here’s the thing: I don’t even fucking *like* Star Trek. I think it’s a cancer on the universe. It’s a gigantic black hole in the center of the skiffy (sic) universe that overshadows everything else around it. We don’t all speak fucking Klingon, believe me.

  • > I think it’s a cancer on the universe.

    Harsh. I’m guessing most sci-fi fans LIKE Trek. Maybe if someone just got into sci-fi now and looked back on Trek they might think it was shit, I could understand that, but The Next Generation is one of my favourite EVER series’ and that’s because I grew up watching them on BBC2.

  • Hey! You’re not allowed to post links to vile, disgusting pornographic content here! That’s supposed to go straight into the email inboxes of the blokes who run this site. For shame…

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