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The extended versions for some of the shows should be on the same screen as the orignal format NOTE: The extended ones do not have any audience background as these were filmed when they left

“Thank you very much for coming, have a safe journey home. Right, guys, we’ll do the entire show again, from the top, but with a few minutes of extra stuff.”

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  • Exactly! The extra footage was left by Doug’s doppleganger from a parallel universe, who said the extra footage (made in a dimension where they had more funding- this was an unimproved, rushed scene) might make our dimensions’ episodes better.

  • I’ve never read that Pete Martin review before. That’s definitely the most in-depth review of a Dwarf series and a Dwarf DVD I’ve ever seen. I agree with most of the slagging off of VII, it really does deserve it.

  • It was a mistake, why is it front page?

    Is there so little Red Dwarf news now that we’re all picking over user comments?

  • Ah, the essential problem of the new system!

    Ideally, we’d have three columns here – one for news, one for articles, and one for blog posts such as this (which used to be over at Observation Dome). As you can see, there’s plenty of Dwarf news – just check back the last few postings.

    But – there’s no room for three columns. (Well, four columns, with the navigation at the right.) So news and blog posts get mixed together. It’s not ideal, but it’s the best solution we’ve come up with. I *don’t* want bloggy-type posts hidden away on another page like some sites – because people simply never read them.

  • > It’s not ideal, but it’s the best solution we’ve come up with.

    Why not colour-code? Blue for news, green for blog, maroon for articles.

  • You could, yeah, but it doesn’t really stop the fundamental issue – which is that blog entries push news stories further down the page.

    You could solve it by getting rid of the blog entries in the ‘At Speed’ section, and just having a list of blog entry titles in the right-hand navbar. I don’t think it’s a massive problem how things stand, though. People’ll just have to get used to how the two columns are split. In the end, it comes down to – transient content on the left, more long-lasting content on the right. Whether it’s a blog entry or news item, it doesn’t matter too much.

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