How Does Robert Llewellyn Do It?

That’s right, it’s a dull and uninspired headline! That’ll be Cappsy sticking his filthy oar in to the news again, then…

Anyway, thanks to G&T forumeer thomasevans for pointing us in the direction of this My Entertainment News blog entry regarding a brand new show for our very own Robert Llewellyn. I wont quote the entry verbatim, but here’s the official summary…

Series examining the feats of science and engineering behind ordinary, everyday objects. Robert Llewellyn visits Volvo’s factory in Korea to find out how excavators are built; ventures underground to see some of Britain’s sewers; and learns how state-of-the-art tyres are made.

…which sounds grand. It sees Robert in very familiar territory (although I think I hear the faint sound of Chris Barrie and Eamonn Holmes shouting “OI!” in perfect harmony.) So, this is definitely one to set your videos for, unless you’re some sort of FOOL. The series premières on Thursday 10th January on five, mind, and not on Tuesday 8th like that lying blog would have you believe.

Before I go, I shall inform you that our DJXIV DwarfCast is coming very soon. I know it’s late, but it was felt that the event needed some coverage on here. If nothing else, it’s worth it for the dulcet tones of G&T regulars Cpt. Darling and Marleen cooing seductively into your ears.

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  1. What happened to the episode Dwarfcasts, btw? Are more on the way?

  2. G&T Admin

    Yup, we’ve got some still in the can, so they’ll be following this.

  3. I wouldn’t normally be into that kind of show. Not that science and technology isn’t interesting in places… but for me I guess it depends on the type of techology being reviewed, and the level of the review. (I.e. too detailed, too techical and it could blow right over my head.)

    I think the type of reviewer makes all the difference though. I wasn’t too sure about Chris Barrie’s Massive Machines (or whatever it’s called) but when I watched it I found it interesting and enjoyable. Robert Llewellyn is definitely entertaining so I might give it a look.

  4. Why can’t you just put all the dwarfcasts up at the same time? You guys stink!

  5. G&T Admin

    Well if we put them ALL up at the same time. You wouldn’t want to sit down and listen to them ALL woudl you? It’s much better if we release them slowly so as to give us an excuse to post something :)

  6. Don’t worry, Phil – I got it. :-)

  7. G&T Admin

    “Alright, having a bit of a joke with the thickos from the island are we?”

  8. It better not be on at eight. That’s DS9 time.

  9. Sadly, me cooing in anyones ear would be more Alvin Stardust than seductive…

  10. G&T Admin

    This is on at 7:30, by the way. Forgot to mention in the original post.

  11. G&T Admin

    Anyone watch this?

  12. G&T Admin

    I’ve got it Sky Plussed.

  13. G&T Admin

    It’s really good, i really enjoyed it. I’ve been watching the Discovery Channel with this programme but it’s 100 times more interesting when Bobby is involved.

  14. G&T Admin

    I’ve just seen it and thought it was ok. f you’re interested in what’s been talked about then it’s a winner, but the script was pretty dire and Robert didn’t really get much of a chance to shine. It just seemed like he was reading from this terrible script, trying not to wince too much.

  15. G&T Admin

    Speaking of Robert – on his site, when you mouseover the images of him, they speak.

    a) Is this new, or has it always been there?

  16. At first I thought, well, yeah, the quote’s not going to be exact because it’s just Robert without Chris’ lead in. And then I realized he’d mentioned stepping up to blue alert instead of red alert, and I winced.

    Still, nifty idea… just would have been that much better if he’d gotten the line right.

  17. >a) Is this new, or has it always been there?

    It’s been there for a while; at any rate, it was there the last time I checked the site, and that was months and months ago. (I tend to avoid the site itself whenever I can, altho’ the board isn’t nearly so bad.)

  18. >>a) Is this new, or has it always been there?

    Pretty sure they’ve been speaking as long as the site’s been in flash. I remember because I determined that THAT was why the site was interminable to load over my dialup connection.

  19. > Is this new, or has it always been there?

    Since the Flash site’s launch, I believe.

  20. I agree with Andrew and myself, and partially with Arlene.

  21. G&T Admin

    I don’t believe you. You’re just trying to make me look stupid.

  22. Phil sed…
    Pretty sure they?ve been speaking as long as the site?s been in flash. I remember because I determined that THAT was why the site was interminable to load over my dialup connection.

    Why are people still using dial-up? Eh? I ask you.

  23. >Why are people still using dial-up? Eh? I ask you.

    Because some people live in the fucking sticks, and can’t find anyone who will provide high-speed connections in their area, no matter how badly we might desperately long to ditch our 56k modem for good.

    My point is I fucking hate dialup.

  24. Actually I haven’t had dial-up for years. Rob’s design has been around a long time!

  25. I’m in the suburbs, but still 4.5km from the exchange. Thus, I have cable broadband (yay to the former owners of the house who got the Foxtel cable installed)

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