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DwarfCasts from Ganymede & Titan

Presented without much comment, here is the Saturday afternoon DwarfCast from the DJXVI. Things are going well so far so why not listen to this for the longer, more tedious version of that statement?

DwarfCast 27 – Dimension Jump XVI – Saturday Afternoon (51.4MB)

17 comments on “DwarfCast 27 – Dimension Jump XVI – Saturday Afternoon

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  • You guys have inadvertently spurred me on to continue work on my Red Dwarf-related book.

    Sounds like you’re having a good time. Which is good! Bastards.

  • I feel truly honoured to have been part of this amateurish, wild stab at reporting on this weekend’s events.

  • >After listening to this, I felt compelled to send you (ie you lot down there at DJ) a message. Instead, I came up with this 30 second piece of shit.

    I think it’s fitting that above your video is an option to view youtube in English.

  • Just listening to this makes me want to go back and do the weekend all over again.

    Is it time for DJXVII yet?

  • You had Singstar?? Awww!!! Yep, I remember the karaoke guy last year… haha… every other song was a chance for him to showcase his own, erm, “talents”.

  • Yeah after DJXV’s karaoke fail we figured it’d be better if we did it ourselves and so – Singstar! :oP

  • I need to suggest Singstar to the Gallifrey One people. Karaoke is always a monumental cock-up.

    Rock Band is always a good time, too.

  • The Guitar Hero thing would be quite cool for DJ, as more than ‘people who want to sing’ can have a go… like me. :)

  • Rock Band has a wider selection of songs, plus the latest version supports keyboards and three-part harmonies, so potentially up to seven people could play at once.

  • Well I wasn’t really going for specific games but rather the essence of the performance thing… but yeah I agree Rock Band does have a further span of catalogue.

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