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We preview the new series and are unnecessarily rude to people.

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The first recording of Red Dwarf X is happening next fucking Friday, so in an uncharacteristic act of timeliness we’ve got a nice big preview for you to get your stupid chops around.

DwarfCast 34 – Red Dwarf X Preview (69.6MB)

We have expertly compensated for the lack of solid FACTS about the new by simply making things up and soliciting comments to save us the horrible task of actually thinking about what to say. Speaking of which, thanks to everyone who sent in a comment. We tried to mention everyone but we’re sorry if we missed you out. We’re also sorry (but not much) if we were rude about you. You probably deserved it, though.

ADDENDUM: We mention that Doug was talking about Simon Gregson playing Rimmer’s brother, but it seems we misremembered and now have very little recollection where we got this idea from. We *think* it was just something Craig was throwing around at DJ, so best to take that with a pinch of salt.

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  • Some great points there.

    Yes excitement & aprehension or the huge uncertainty in frame of reference to what this is going to be like, are cancelling each other out ahead of these recordings, Perhaps more so for me because christmas and new year are between now and it happening for my attendance. I was buzzed to the max trying to get tickets and waiting for the answer in email etc. Now I’m pretty paused in “?” ahead of January recording dates, not really knowing what to expect. The only sitcom I’ve ever seen recorded is Richard Wilson’s first show after One Foot in the Grave ended (paired with the woman who used to be in the sitcom waiting for god) (No. No one remembers it!) Tickets I got from being on a waiting list for the final series of the famous show and not getting to see the david renwick written classic. The show was a strange mix of seeing Richard performing greatly, but the material being rather poor or mainstream and so brought a lot of unfamiliar to the experience, really.

    Tanya’s comments about dwarf or british audience recordings in this dwarfcast here are both helpful and hilarious.

  • *listens*

    *reaches 1:06*


    *carries on listening*

    *reaches 1:15*


    No, very good, guys, I enjoyed that.
    Re: the recordings, though – will G&T have at least one representative at each recording? And, if so, who’ll be at which dates?

  • > No, very good, guys, I enjoyed that.


    > Re: the recordings, though – will G&T have at least one representative at each recording? And, if so, who’ll be at which dates?

    I think we will have someone at all the recordings, yeah. We’re yet to work out what sort of coverage we’ll be doing, but the idea is to write up as much as possible about this Friday’s and see where it goes from there. With no plot spoilers, obviously.

  • Great Dwarfcast. Though were you lot sober this time around? You were talking in an almost sensible manner!

  • Unfortunately we were, yes. Sometimes I miss the cider soaked days of our 2006 commentaries.

  • Great one. That was a lot of fun…can’t wait for more speculation to hit the site as the filming dates approach. (And, well…pass.)

  • Interesting and informative! It’s amazing things can change so quickly, and listening after the announcement of models shots to your comments who would like them and what mixture. I wonder if they will use in house or tender the model work out, would they be mad not to use Tucker Instruments? I’ve heard that that what the audience will see is not entirely cast on the set, some pre recorded footage will be also shown on a screen, this was partly done in VII.

    You’ve all matured like a fine wine, that tastes like vinegar

    Great pod blob bob.

  • Won’t lie. It felt really good to hear my question and name read first… even it there was some mocking that followed heh. I know I don’t post here very often (laziness does play a part in the reason for it) but I am always checking out for updates – be they new articles or dwarfcasts – and I’m really look forward to reading, and listening to, what it is come in the next few months in the lead up to Series X’s broadcast.

    > “Someone’s not been paying attention”

    Just wanna say that I knew that the Re=Mastered version of Blue Midget – and other ships – have never been popular with fans but I don’t recall reading any specific views on either designs, so I just thought it’d be interesting to hear them.

  • The run up to this new series seems so long and drawn out, I keep losing that excited feeling. The ticket generated excitement only lasted until the “sorry. No tickets left” email arrived.

    This Dwarfcast has reignited it somewhat…but I don’t think it’ll last long though. Can we have a weekly update?

  • Well, obviously. He’s twice the cunt – at least – we are. Though he hardly counts as one of ‘us’ though, does he?

  • I can’t believe I’ve just listened to you all for over an hour (whilst working too, never knew I was such a sadist…). Nope, it’s all good stuff. It’s great to know that everyone has their heads screwed on and everyone’s looking forward to something so blummin awesome, new Red Dwarf! If anyone else started doing what G&T does it wouldn’t be the same. G&T is part of the Dwarf experience and long may that continue.

    Agree with pretty much everything John said here (I know…). Except…I think you’re wrong to hope your opinion, or anyone else’s for that matter, doesn’t have any effect on production. I’ve no doubt Doug values all our opinions enormously and, while we do owe him shitloads, he also owes us too. He definitely owes us a funnier show than BtE, if anything!

    Notice I didn’t say you can all fuck yourselves with the big movie pencil model, or anything of that nature. You still can, but you didn’t hear it from me…because I love you all (some of you).

  • >Tanya’s comments about dwarf or british audience recordings in this dwarfcast here are both helpful and hilarious.

    *doffs hat*

  • Finally got around to listening to this. Congratulations, its both hugely entertaining and informative. A nice surprise to be mentioned in their near the end too.

    Since the first recording and throughout Christmas I’ve been thinking a lot about the show and my relationship too it. That I’ve found roleplay stuff, RD fanfic and ancient plans for my own fansite has only emphasised how deep this little show cuts. So I thought John’s comments on being apart of fandom along with Ian’s comments about Doug’s changing writing style over the last three series particularly interesting.

    Makes me wish I was doing a couple more recordings now, but I imagine we all feel that way.

    On a side note, if we can’t have Goodall back could I put in a shout for this guy.


    I appreciate Darkplace wasn’t for everyone, but the music was absolutely outstanding. Individual scores for each episode, as per classic Dwarf, and as someone with a particularly abundant taste for 80s music (chart and soundtrack) I loved his ability to create original, but perfect cliches fitting of the era.

    Goodall clearly would be first choice, but I would really love a composer over library music or the band from BTE.

  • > On a side note, if we can’t have Goodall back could I put in a shout for this guy.

    Wow, you’ve just won him another fan. Thanks for that! Just checked out his site. (http://www.andrew-hewitt.co.uk/) A very talented composer. Listen to the violin concerto – lovely.

    And he already has a Dwarf connection: he did the score for “The Optician!” Small world.

  • My hopes for episode concepts, character comedy, and emotional plot points.

    I thought the episode I saw was very strong indeed on character, some might find it tropey or here we go again, but performance and writing and look of character fitted like a glove I felt, all the 4 had things to do, There was emotional character points too, not hugely, but they were there and music and dub might well enhance this to great effect. And there were 2 idea sciencey based things within the episode that I spotted. So overall I got what I asked for didnt I. And my resevations about audience return are gone, because I can see, that for the style and budget perhaps of what doug seems to be writing, from the little of X i’ve been lucky to witness, it’s definately audience sitcom.

  • It’s going to be a little odd for me next week. My visits to Shepperton will effectively be bookends with no idea as to the middle.

  • Oh Si. Don’t you realise? You must not comment on the spam or else you end up looking like a mentalist.

  • That was spam? I’m with you Si. I thought it was some kinda deep love poetry or something. Must admit though, that I didn’t look. Had I known it was spam, I’d have been in there like a shot!

  • Oh Si. Don’t you realise? You must not comment on the spam or else you end up looking like a mentalist.

    Si doesn’t need the spam for that.

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